Why I bought The M2 MacBook Air to Replace My 14" MacBook Pro!

Ever since Apple announced the new M2 MacBook Air I have been tempted to replace my 14 inch MacBook Pro with this device. This is the thinnest and lightest apple laptop that apple has released since the 12 inch MacBook, one of my favorite MacBook designs of all time, and I have been wanting Apple to make an ultra portable laptop packed with apple Silicion power. Now with the M2 MacBook Air, this might be my dream laptop that packs power into the thinnest and lightest form factor possible, but it still may not be exactly what I am looking for…

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  1. If you want to order the M2 MacBook Air, consider using my affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3ytP0Bc (Amazon still says it has release day July 15 shipping)

  2. I did the same. Because of weight, but really miss the XDR screen and the speakers 😢 Been waiting for the new MacBook Air since the 12” MacBook too, but the edges are too high to use on the chest in bed, so I find myself still using the iPad in bed. BUT I am going to show the middle finger to Apple for that and will SELL my iPad and only go with the MacBook Air M2 + iPhone until they make the MacBook Air softer around the edges. Still, suffering so much from the screen quality and speakers that I might go back to the MacBook Pro 14 in a while. Come on Apple, stop messing around and just make expensive products that tick all the boxes

  3. Better of find a MDM MacBook Air it’s cheaper 🙂 I find a loaded specks Air m2 with 10
    Core GPU,24 Gb Ram,1 tb for $950
    And I pay $30
    To someone to bypass the mdm fucking love this Air

  4. Hey Greg great video btw. I’m looking into a laptop now what would u recommend between a base model 14 in mbp or the m2 mba. I’m going to start editing YouTube videos nothing crazy mostly 1080p or 4k. The 14 in mbp is heavy and bulky. The mba looks better because it’s thinner. How would you spec out the mba? Gpu 10 , 16gb ram, 512 ssd? Please give me your opinion. Thanks 🙏

  5. The macbook air m2 I ordered came in at $1759. After some thought I returned it unopened and bought the pro 14 for $1799 with no sales tax. The air speakers changed my mind. They fire away from the user and sound like the speakers are in a tin can.

  6. serendipitous serenity

    new subscriber. love the channel. interested if you’re gonna change the high end order to 8 GPU but keep the other specs based on today’s GPU comparison vid? updated vid on how AIR works or doesn’t work as 14” mb PRO replacement would be cool too. thanks

  7. I'll pass. M1 Pro currently comes with quite significant rebates, making the M1 Pro 120 eur cheaper than the M2 Air in a similar spec (512 gb ssd, 10 core GPU, 16 gb memory). For that you get 1000 Nits, 120 Hz, 2:1 scaling (Air has weird scaling because of its lower resolution), better speakers & camera, higher multicore speed (6 performance cores vs 4), higher GPU speed (14 old cores vs 10 new cores), more memory bandwidth, 70 kWh battery vs 56 kWh.

    What you lose out on is: Form factor, weight, the nice midnight color, slightly higher single core speed.

    Nope, thanks. The value proposition is not there for me.

  8. can you sell it for $1400?

  9. 2 weeks later: Why I return the air and went back to the 14 macbook pro!

  10. My real question is will it be better than the M2 air and will it cost more ? Is it better to wait and get it or is the M2 fine I’m a college student and I’m using it for games and recording music on logic and school work will the M2 be fine for me or should I get the 15in one ? I’m assuming it would cost more but how much more ?

  11. VERY poor reasoning. Would be better to admit you just desire it because of it's novelty. So obvious. For such foolish uses like browsing and answering mails, you could have a mega portable ipad if that you need. Having such monsters for video editing.

  12. Glitch in The Matrix

    the macbook air 13 inch is 60hz right the screen?

  13. I had to choose between Macbook Pro 14in or the Macbook Air M2. I had to get the Macbook Pro. The screen is beatiful. I got an iPad Air instead of the Pro and I regretted not paying extra for the screen.

    Also, the speakers on the Pro are underrated as hell. They sound AMAZING.

    If you can only pick one, either base M2 Macbook Air or base 14in Macbook Pro. I don't really understand the portability issue. I have my Macbook and iPad in my backpack and I have zero struggles. I rarely notice it. I also carry my books and notes in my iPad as PDFs/note files so 2 devices do everything for me.

    The only issue I have with having bought the 14in Pro is that the M2 chip is faster with some data processing tasks… And also the battery. But everything else is literally better. My wife's macbook air m1 lasts 4 days and my 14in pro lasts 2 days. Still good for the power!

    Edit: I also video edit and product music during my free time. The 14in Pro is infinitely better than the m2 air when it comes to these tasks from what I've experienced. The 120hz screen is legendary.

  14. Vladimir Rapatskii

    Great video!!! Thank you

  15. yeah sorry Greg, I call BS, a difference of 0.8 pounds is ludicrous and I DOUBT that anyone can really tell them apart unless you holding both at the same time.. downgrading for the sake of just putting out a video. this only makes sense for a YouTuber who just has all of the devices and doesn't give a F. paying more for less its just pointless

  16. you bought the m2 macbook air because youre a tech reviewer and you need to own it to be relevant making YT videos for the next month. You're excited about holding it but you know its not going to beat the 14" MB Pro. This video is filler and pointless.

  17. since im switching from an early 2015 macbook pro to a maxed out macbook air m2… no regrets for me 😀

  18. Click bait. He hasn’t even used the m2 air yet lol

  19. I got the M1 Air at the moment and will likely wait for either a future model 14" M2 pro or would love to see a 15" M2 pro model.

  20. I have a M1 13.3” MacBook Pro! I have NO intentions of upgrading! It meets my needs, and I am satisfied with it! It has ALL the power that I can appreciate! Relax, Dude! You’re going to give yourself a heart attack deciding what computer to choose! Relax! Peace.

  21. Sandy Toes Detecting

    Thanks for comments, I have ordered the M2 air with 16gb & 1TB, this is going to replace my older 16 intel MBP. Be interesting comparison .

  22. …and why I‘m about to regret it soon 👏😂

  23. I did the same thing I have a 2021 Macbook Pro 14" and love it but I always missed my 12" Macbook , hopefully it works for us both. Good video.

  24. shit 10-minute video about nothing –

  25. I honestly think you are buying the new MacBook Air because a) it's the new shiny Apple thing and b) you sort of have to, seeing as your channels revolves around (mostly) new Apple products ;-). No shame in that though, right?

  26. Brian Richardson

    Power vs Mobility is a dilemma as old as time itself!

  27. The 2018 is still does everything for typical users Other than the new design. The intel mbp still can do everything

  28. Should I get M2 Air with 512 SSD, 16 ram or base Pro 14"?

  29. Finally a YouTuber that doesn’t keep fixating on that extreme case of thermal throttling and the single NAND ssd chip of 256gb. Average consumer that buys a MBA should not be bothered or even notice about those things I called nitpicking. It’s not a PRO people. Thanks for the video.

  30. We2Love2Travel2

    Another very well done informative video.

  31. Will you be able to go back to 60hz after having used ProMotion?

  32. I hope you've treated whiplash. You contradict yourself hardcore.

  33. How about slow ssd speed on m2 air??

  34. Can the Mac air M2 run the Adobe suite.? Not professionally just personal?
    Or should I move to a pro

  35. Bro your comment section is getting destroyed by scammers. You really need to get to deleting these comments.

  36. how much

  37. Temple of Leila

    Okay.. you helped me make up my mind. My choice was between a Mac studio and the M2 MacBook Air fully loaded. Portability is worth so much. I wish it was waterproof

  38. Not a fan of this video… seems like you’re looking for a narrative just to pump out content… when really you’re splitting hairs

  39. But will it be able to use 120hz external display?

  40. Shahar Rozenbloom

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  41. Shahar Rozenbloom

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