Apple finally got revenge – MacBook Air M2

Head to and bring Apple’s senior vice president wherever you go.

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0:00 Unbox the box
1:00 Specs
1:50 Size Comparison
4:01 Display
4:40 Issues
5:29 Speaker Test
6:05 Craigbook
6:55 Webcam Comparison
8:00 Suggestions
9:04 Benchmarking
9:42 Pricing
10:53 Internals
11:38 First Aid?

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  1. I just enjoy Anthony's wit, delivery and reviews LOL 🙂 Keep up the great work! …..

  2. 11:38 thats what you get messing with the thermal God.

  3. MsKarmachameleon

    I'm very happy I hold off on getting the M1 and got the M2 macbook air coming from 2015 air 😅 cos the magsafe saves my air couple of times before. I like the new look as well. And well it works faster than my old one for sure😂

  4. 4:26 "Pro's display is sRGB whereas this one is DCI-P3"
    The 2022 M2 MacBook Pros do have P3 colour. MacBook Pros have had P3 since the 2016 models. Anthony might have mixed it up with older MacBook Airs which didn't get P3 support until the M1 models.

  5. Why would you buy the base model: – Because im poor dude.

  6. 11:44 my face after taking a leak with a day's worth of piss

  7. Alexander Crocker

    I think both are P3.

  8. still waiting on that m2 review

  9. Love your review.

  10. why you keep say "faster" over "larger" SSD storage? 8:20

  11. Alexander Weurding

    Nice review, Thanks for sharing!

  12. That new feature looks so synergic

  13. 💻🕶⌚️

    Thanks for sharing,

  14. 200 USD for ssd upgrade to 512 gb? Like come on apple, that is like the price of 2 tb ssd. Who even uses 256 ssds nowadays

  15. 2:56 what is that tune? I really like it

  16. hey anthony, how's your finger?

  17. 9:20 I think if I had to get a new laptop I'd go with an air and part of the reason is it not having a fan, so there's no ducts I can clog up over the years of using it on a bed. I'd figure out beforehand if using my desktop pc remotely is something that works, and if it does I can just offload any actual workloads to my desktop, so my laptop would only really be used for office, excel and netflix. I don't have a tv, so my laptop is my main way of consuming content.

  18. Hey Anthony! Would be nice if you could give advice to the students in these kind of review videos, so we know whether the base model is enough for school or not, for the obvious reason we dont want to spend money unnecessarily on a higher end model.

  19. Love Anthony, legit nerd energy. We use one of these m2 airs to render 8k video and it absolutely rips!

  20. who is the elephant in the room?

  21. Had the m2 air and don’t know what I did or if it was defective but it overheated just by running Xbox cloud gaming. My 14 M1 Pro chip can do it effortlessly. So I didn’t see why the m2 air wouldn’t be able to since the fans never came on in the M1 Pro chip. Has anyone else ever done this ?

  22. Was going to grab one, but the fact that I have to spend an extra $300 to get a faster hard drive and then perform a thermal mod to get the CPU to run at normal speeds for more than 2 seconds at a time pretty much put a stop to any desire I have to buy this thing

    As you said in the beginning, it’s a big L

  23. Oh that looked like it hurt slapping that back together.

  24. whats the reason that you are loopy the rest of the year?

  25. Ahh now the title makes sense.

  26. Archlord Kristya

    Great presenter and nice apple laptop, kept me interested 😎

  27. SchoolBoogy Corporation

    Craig was copying the run from Smallville. Clark Kent did that entry all the time. So he was saying he was Supoerman.

  28. Put a 20 TB ssd and that would be amazing. Those GoPro 4k cameras take so much space…

  29. “Ive got body count going, you know?” 😂

  30. Holy sh*t! It’s Steve Wozniak

  31. Meekzy Animeektor

    Anthony's my favorite guy at LMG.

  32. When I was looking for a MacBook with M2 I was torn between the Pro and the Air, inevitably I went with the Pro as I needed a little more cooling than I would get with the Air. The additional fact that there was the issue with the SSD's that are being presented, it made me go the direction of the Pro. I love the form factor of the Air over the Pro but aesthetics isn't the only thing that got me there. Hope they go this direction with the future updates for all the designs but don't hate what I have.

  33. 0:50

    Thinner always means worse. While the only good thing about being thin is being lightweight and smaller, there are several downsides to being anorexic.

    Fragile structure and less battery capacity, which limits the outdoor activity you can do with it. Mobile stuff always sticks closer to you. And that means you tend to put it on the bed too. Imagine accidentally crushing your phone and laptop during sleep. Are you a millionaire? If so, you might not care about buying 10 or more replacements each month, but the rest of us are much poorer.

    What a stupid Apple who wants to earn more with a pricier price tag. So are the rest of other laptop companies who incorporate the thin design in their products. Technology wants to grow by competing and redesigning, but in the end, it is the customer who helps pay extra for your arrogance and ignorance!

  34. BLOODY THUMB!!! Bloody fingers. Bloody fingers. That Alvin Schwartz book, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” short story of the musician who hears a ghost coming out of the closet saying he had bloody fingers. And then the guitar player said, “Dude, cool it. Just get a band-aid.” The story ended there. I always questioned why the guitar player never got scared or ran out of the room. It’s a haunted hotel room with a ghost coming out of the closet. He must have been wearing his Keep Calm t shirt and actually kept calm, then kept on jamming on his guitar. Ngl, I would have checked out of that hotel.

  35. I think LTT Apple fans are the worst humans in existence

  36. Open your eyes and lay off the drugs lol

  37. Put the fork down FFS!