M2 MacBook Air Midnight – Unboxing & First Impressions

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0:00 Unboxing
6:28 M1 MacBook Air Compared
9:41 14″ MacBook Pro Compared
11:07 Some thoughts and which one you should buy

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  1. This reminds me of the Surface Laptop 2. Literally same dark blue color and think square build. Love the design

  2. For those who are considering this color option but don't have the luxury of taking a look at it in a store, I would NOT call this blue. Most people would not look twice at this laptop because they will think it's just a regular black PC (and the Apple logo is barely visible). If you look REALLY closely, you might call this a gray-black, or light black. Only under a very precise set of lighting conditions will it look SLIGHTLY blue.

  3. Aniket Raj Singh

    Please try Oleophobic coating on the midnight m2 macbook pro to see if the fingerprint magnet problem is resolved, your test will be much appreciated.

  4. There is no reason to buy m2 if M1 is still on the market

  5. I DONT GIVE A ****

    Yes, Apple need to start making black macs. It’s so obvious i don’t get why we need to talk about it and let them know. Wake up, Apple!

  6. Your videos look so clean!

  7. It's looking like plastic due to this colour.

  8. If you currently have the MacBook Air M1, it's not worth the upgrade and I would wait for the MacBook Air M3. If you're looking to purchase a new MacBook Air now and planning on keeping it for a few years, get the MacBook Air M2. It looks so good that you just want to keep using it.

  9. Fashola Productions

    Can you still use a HDMI adaptor for the new M2 air?

  10. well the colour depends on your lighting in some stages it looks like matte black. like black black. but in this case since u have good lighting it appears to be a brighter hue of blue but if u changed your lighting it would appear more like matte black or something.

  11. You are right about the keyboard,it’s not right . All the same colour would have been better. Beautiful laptop and such a pity about the fingerprints. All in all a must have

  12. Nice combination The Wall, The T Shirt The Table and the Macbook Pro👌👌👌👌

  13. 🔥

  14. Bcloudبيكلاود

    Remember when you beat cancer

  15. Love the OCD.. So relatable.

  16. do you think the m2 8gb 256ssd will perform better with the Mac OS Ventura?

  17. M1 looks so tempting in terms of pricing but M2 is so neat and nice… I'm planning to upgrade from air 2015 and I guess I can spend some extra coins on a thing I'm planning to use for the next 5 years. though I'll go for 16/512 version as I multitask with thousands open tabs and messengers…

  18. p͓̽r͓̽o͓̽m͓̽o͓̽s͓̽m͓̽ ❤️

  19. People really are freaking out too much about the SSD lol

  20. Apple’s industrial design leader, Evans Hankey, said in an interview that the blue colour was inspired by volcanic basalt rock. It reminds me of Slate (the colour of the iPhone 5). Such a lovely tone, though a neutral black would also be nice.

  21. For thinnes and lightness check Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360.

  22. You can dash me the M1 MacBook I'm currently out of a laptop 🥺

  23. Air M2 + 10-Core GPU + 512GB SSD + 24GB RAM + MIDNIGHT = ROCK 'n Roll 🤘
    Yeah, the costs are almost insane BUT this would be a sustainable investment for the next 5 years at least.
    Also consider about 2 more years of updates compared to the Air M1.

  24. Heroic Executive

    I love this design so I just maxed it out, spent the extra cash, on 12 monthly no-interest apple card payments it's only $191.94 per month if you're a student. I don't want bulk, I don't want internal fans, I didn't notice screen differences between the 14" macbook pro and the M2 macbook air, and overall believe it's the best deal for what Mac OS offers. Can't wait for August 2nd! I got the dbrand matte black skins so that it'll be protected from smudges.

  25. The UK price is brutal

  26. I disagree with your take on the SSD speeds thing. It's not just about sequential read/write; it's about swap, something that my M1 Macbook Air uses almost all the time. And, I'm by no means a power user; I usually only have multiple browser windows, vscode, music, goodnotes… etc

  27. Im currently using the MacBook 12", and im looking for a upgrade, but im not sure if I should get the MacBook Air M1 or M2, I want to use it for web browsing, video editing, and light gaming. Which one should I buy?

  28. This color is fire! I hope they make m2 max MacBooks in similar color or even matte black.

  29. At this point, whats the point of an iPad with a magic keyboard?

  30. Great overview thanks … did you get a ‘beach ball’ at any time saving to the M2’s 256 drive? Just wondering if the slower write speed resulted in that for normal sized files?

  31. The worth of getting if I do coding on this laptop, will it run really well?

  32. I wish they offered the pro in the midnight color. Also I too will def need a good microfiber cloth to clean the laptop