M2 MacBook Air vs 14" MacBook Pro – Prepare to be SHOCKED!

How much Faster is the 14″ M1 Pro MacBook Pro? Sometimes 2x Faster but other times the same, see for your own use case:
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In this video, we compare EVERYTHING between the M2 MacBook Air and the 14″ M1 Pro MacBook Pro to find out what you sacrifice by going with the cheaper Pro, including the specs, design, speakers, microphones, cameras, displays, SSDs, benchmarks and real-world performance tests.

Timestamps ⬇️
M2 MacBook Air vs 14″ MacBook Pro – 00:00
Design Differences – 01:06
Speaker Comparison – 02:30
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 03:27
Display Comparison – 03:51
Geekbench 5 CPU Test – 05:11
Web Browsing Performance – 06:27
Blackmagic SSD Speed Test – 06:40
Logic Pro Music Production – 07:27
Xcode Programming Test – 07:56
Cinebench R23 & Thermals – 08:51
Geekbench 5 Metal Graphics – 13:00
Blender 3D Rendering – 15:49
Photoshop HDR Editing – 16:37
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 17:13
4K HEVC Video Editing – 17:58
4K ProRes Raw Video Editing – 19:15
Canon C200 RAW Editing – 21:48
Battery Life Difference – 22:59
Is the 14″ Worth the Upgrade? – 23:54

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  1. The m2 is cheaper? Wtf?

  2. What is the application that is being used for checking the temperature?

  3. @Max Tech What's the verdict now that the 14" MacBook Pro is on sale for $1599? I'm typing this on an M2 Air with 1TB drive and 16GB of RAM, deciding if I should exchange it and sacrifice 512GB of SSD for the extra power. Main draw to the Air was the color, reminds me of the 2007 Black MacBook!

  4. What about the keyboard comparisons? They are definitely not identical. I noticed on the MacBook Air that when I pressed the keys down, my fingernails sometimes caught on the unibody case rim, whereas the 14” seems to have a slightly deeper key travel, but I haven’t confirmed that. 🎉

  5. What about the keyboard comparisons? They are definitely not identical. I noticed on the MacBook Air that when I pressed the keys down, my fingernails sometimes caught on the unibody case rim, whereas the 14” seems to have a slightly deeper key travel, but I haven’t confirmed that.

  6. This video helped me decide on the 14", and it's 3.5 lbs and small size still beats my 16" i9 MBP that i bought in March 2020, as far as portability goes. My 14" battery lasted almost 9 hours of normal use over the 1st two days that I owned it (allowed to sleep when not used, not plugged in), vs 5-6 hours I might see on my 16" i9 MBP. Having the fast SSD, mini-LED HDR display, and extra ports is just icing on the cake. Thanks!

  7. Eduardo Villacis

    On the Blender comparison, the test should be appplied to a whole animation sequence, not just one frame. 3D animations require a lot of sustained performance over lengthy periods, so most likely the M1 Pro MBP would perform much better than the M2 MBA.

  8. Midnight blue is so good to be true

  9. Great review and very detailed. I was trying to decide between these exact two machines. Since Amazon is selling the MB 14 Pro for $400 off made it a no brainer. However, the M2 Air is still a neat machine.

  10. Should do the new macbook pro 13 vs macbook air m2🤘

  11. the 14 inch is $1599 right now. Brand new.

  12. Godzilla Godzilla

    Just wait for m2 14inch

  13. I think I will stick with my new iMac 🖥 M1. I believe it will be perfectly fine for years to come. Something newer and better comes along every year. Should be a sweet jump in 5 or more years. 😊

  14. When I was deciding between these two, I saw a Best Buy deal for the 14 inch for $1599, so I obviously went for that. It’s incredible so far, and I would highly recommend everyone considering it to get it now.

  15. Hello, could someone please tell me which temperature app Max is using? Thanks.

  16. Nice video, thanks. Which app(s) are in the menu bar? TG Pro seems to only be temperatures …

  17. Hi! I really want to buy the Air M2 with high specs (10-GPU cores, 24GB ram, 1TB storage) cause I love how thin and light it is, but I’m a little worried about the throtteling.. Would higher specs fix the issue, or will it throttle even more because of the bad cooling system? Probably a stupid question, but I would be forever grateful for an answer from someone who knows 😅

  18. 18:27 that sudden battery drop was weird

  19. What program do you use to monitor temp and fan speed???

  20. Bes Buy has made the decision a no brainier for Labor Day Weekend – the base MacBook Pro 14 (16gb/512gb) is $1599 – the same spec M2 MacBook Air is $1699 – save yourself $100 and get MUCH MORE computer…

  21. I'm getting the 14-inch MacBook Pro for video editing.

  22. I am buying the 14-inch.

  23. MacPro 14' is $1.6k now :))

  24. Ashleigh Alexander

    Did the price change on this macbook pro?

  25. I wish you did not call it “14 inch”, cause both of them 14 inches.

    Instead You could have called them M2 air and M1 Pro.

  26. Am I the only only who does not care about the webcam and how people see me on conference calls. That’s their issue not mine 😂
    As long as they see my face well enough – who seriously cares.