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  2. Good video. I would argue that if you’re getting paid you will need a pro. Most consumers won’t need it so m2 Air will be fine. Even the m1 will do just fine. Truth is those speeds are not noticeable until they are constantly editing videos

  3. So no real problems then!
    I’m glad because I just ordered the base model.
    Thanks for the information.

  4. all i want to know is that is the Macbook Air M2 good for Graphic designers who use softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Blender etc and what RAM and storage i should get.

  5. My man trying so hard to get Apple to send free laptops next time around 😂

  6. The reason why people keep talking about the Thermal performance is because the M2 air pulls more power & has a worse active cooling solution. Throttling isn't a negative, its a feature meant to protect your internals. The issue is that the sustained performance of the M2 chip is worse in the Air than the M1 in the Air.

  7. If Chris Rock was a tech reviewer…

  8. pre ordered the z fold 4, where is the content

  9. Thank you for your thorough review. This is what I was seeking clarity on. No point fussing about SSDgate when the only activity I would notice the slower read/write speed is transferring files, and that is dictated by my external hard drives speed, and not if I choose an M1 or M2 machine (which both have higher internal SSD’s than the external SSD’s).

    Am I correct in my thinking?

  10. Ahh yes let me cry for the Trillion dollar company whose pockets are hurting. Please charge me more, please Apple. I know that 1080p webcam and MagSafe hurt you so much 🙄 There are so many Tech YouTubers arguing for Apple now and against consumers. It’s a different world.

  11. mrpowerplusbox box

    you sir are on point!! Just subscribed!! I may be the first one to say i’m here before you got 100k subscribers .congrats bro 🎉

  12. Graphics card is the only PC part getting cheaper and that’s cause they have been marked up 200-300% for 2 years

  13. Reads will get slower as the drive fills up too but it’s not for a normal user to worry with honestly

  14. The Canadian Expat

    Hey the math is easy here if you are going for a base model macthen get the m1 air if you are going to be upgrading the ram and storage get the m2 air. It's that simple

  15. I am beyond happy just to stay with my Samsung

  16. Hi @CJ Unplugged, your videos are great, and you have clarified quite bit for me regarding the M2 MacBook Air. I would appreciate your recommendation please. I want to transition from a PC laptop to a MacBook for work but I am not sure which one to buy. I do at least 2 zoom meetings a day, manage 3 email accounts, write reports with Word, and Excel, and prepare PowerPoint presentations. I also store research database on my laptop. I am looking at an apple refurbished m1 mba with 16 gb RAM and 512 gb SSD vs an apple refurbished m1 MacBook Pro 14 base model. Thanks.

  17. Can you share your wallpaper? Thanks man

  18. Brutally Honest, Brutally Agree.

  19. Not so sure the price increase is due to a supply shortage or the economy in this specific case. Apple has historically increased prices when releasing a new computer design. Presumably to recoup R&D costs. The single NAND chip in the base model however is likely due to one of those factors, supply chain being the more likely reason since it eliminated the need for 128GB NAND chips altogether.

    Now if we don't see a return to the $999 price tag in the next few releases, THAT would more likely be due to economic inflation.

  20. Portland, JAMAICA in the Building !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. So when capturing the gaming Pc and the camera, essentially 2 capture cards, and recording 1080p60 on the Air, it couldn’t handle it? OBS shouldn’t have taken more than like 6% CPU usage, I wonder how it overheated so much

  22. I've been using the M2 air for a week now and I noticed a slight problem with the speakers. When on maximum volume, it would sometimes make this really annoying 'vibrating' / 'shaking' sound. I don't know how to explain it. But I think it might know the reason: since the speakers are built under the keyboard, and they're supposedly 'louder', it makes the keys vibrate which creates that annoying sound. I've noticed this the most on higher pitch sounds, like someone's voice, as opposed to bass sounds.

  23. Can you talk about the GPU cores? Is there a downside of getting the 10 core if I can still afford it? I am a medium user. Would the 10 core getting better battery life and performance at idle mode compared to the 8 core? Or would it be worst. Since I am buying the air for what it is intended for, I would not be pushing it to its limit nor extreme heavy usage, so in that case would the 10 core still provide benefits? Other youtubers say the 10 core is not worth it and that the 8 core is better buy, then what is the point for Apple to even have the higher end model assuming there is no benefit or even hurting the user such as worst battery life. Does the Air spread out the workload across all cores or it uses each core according tot he demand? If it is the latter, then logically, it would seem that both cores would perform and have same battery life until the the 2 extra cores are needed.

  24. Oh yeah… im waiting on that duel gaming PC setup video for sure.

  25. On the SSD issue I also have the 512 M2 Air and I also have a 1TB M1 iMac and the 1TB iMac SSD is faster on black magic than the 512 in the M2 Air

  26. Bav🅰️rianLion6️⃣4️⃣

    Air M2 + 10-Core GPU + 512GB SSD + 24GB RAM + MIDNIGHT = ROCK n' Roll 🤘

  27. M1 Air throttles with 4k external monitors and OBS but is very predictable and easy to deal with. I still chose it over the M1 pro back in the day.

  28. ultra’s Channel

    Nicely said. Well done!

  29. CJ appreciate the video, perspective and honesty. It is really helping us make informed decisions on our purchases.

  30. Fanless Laptop.. what’s not to like.. especially if you don’t do high end editing.. I can’t see how you would thermal throttle if your using this laptop as Apple’s intended audience.. i.e on the go uni students.. and normal GI joes.. If your an elite worker you’ll need a pro. I think the MacBook Air M2 is fantastic… I hope to save up and get one.. but my money this year will be going for a new iPhone.

  31. @cj unplugged which would be best 16gb ram with 256 storage take in mind the person has no problem using external drive or 8gb ram with 512 storage?