M2 Air vs M1 Pro? – It's really SIMPLE actually!

M2 Macbook Air vs 14 inch Macbook Pro. Which one should you choose? In my opinion there are a few factors that decide whether the M2 Macbook Air 2022 or the M1 Macbook Pro is right for you! Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code patrickrambles


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  1. Patrick Rambles

    🔥Hey guys! For those of you asking about the leather sleeve, you can find it here https://geni.us/H9z0 🔥

  2. Love the wall paper. Any link to it? Thanks

  3. I guess the game is easy but people are making it hard! thank you for the great video! In reality it is simple, you just need to know what laptop you need. If you want an air, expecting a pro performance, you are simply doing a mistake! The air is targeting specific people, it is not made for editing (even though it can do it easily), it is not made for gaming, it is made for a normal user! I am a researcher, i have been using the 2020 intel Macbook air for 2 years and never had an issue. Overheating, fan noise, nosing! Because simply i use my laptop for what it is intended to be used for! I am upgrading for the M2 in the next few days and i am pretty sure that it will be perfect for my work! I blame apple a bit for putting such a strong chip in such a tiny device! This led people to use the computer in a wrong way!

  4. Marchioness Darby

    I store everything to the cloud, so a MacBook Pro doesn’t make sense to me. Plus, I use my iPad more than my computer, so the M2 Air is perfect for me.

  5. I have a 14 inch max and I just travelled all over Europe and back in India now. It was not bad, I was able to work conveniently. But every gram of weight on my back matters when I am travelling and I am going to get an M2 Air just for travelling while using the M1 Max at home.

  6. Patrick! Brand new subscriber based on this video alone, as its the first of yours ive ever seen, was recommended while searching for M2 Air vs M1 MBP.
    i am typing this on an early 2015 MBP base model that i got when it was newly released. im an older dude who was fully grown before there was an internet (lol) and AOL taught me how to (chicken peck) type!
    i dont do much of that "computer stuff", but i use my MBP for about 14 hours a day, doing your typical old man crap… Youtube, internet, email. oh, and i like to play Pokemon Online (yea i know, i know)
    i like apple products because they are easy to use, and dont require computer skills for the most part. That was the cliffnotes of my story.
    Anywho, this old girl's (2015 MBP) career seems to be winding down… getting slower, chassy is all dinged up, keys worn out, needs to be plugged in all the time, etc and its looking like its time for a new model. Cost really isnt an issue, i dont think i would need to upgrade or anything like that, but i like the MBP and think i am going to try to find one of these M1 Pros on sale (as ive read int he comments here). i do have one question, what are your thoughts on the AppleCare+ for someone like me?

  7. Hi! Thanks for the video! I need a laptop for work mostly, im wondering if the baseM3 Air is good for: having 10 chrome tabs open, running teams in the back ground, while having teams webcam call on and having excel/outlook open at all times.

  8. Excellent presentation to broadcast standards and solid info.

  9. EXACTLY the comparison i was hoping to find! you seem to have an excellent pulse on the consumer. brilliantly produced as well! thank you!

  10. Honestly. I’m concerned about the reliability of any MBA. After years of watching repair videos, I’m hesitant to go with any MBA.

  11. Georgeta Blanaru


  12. I went with the M2 Macbook Air. The Apple silicon chips are so powerful, even for software development it only starts to heat up after several hours. This was such a massive leap within Apple. The battery life is practically double even the best windows laptops. I had bought the M1 air as well but returned it just because I wanted the new design. The main reason I didn't go for the pro was dust accumulation and noise, a passive cooling system means much less dust and a completely quiet experience. Although I've been a Windows user my entire life, I'm now jumping into Apple's ecosystem after seeing just how good it is at doing what it was made to do.

  13. I just bought m2 macbook air and i cant wait. Ive been watching too many reviews and unboxings

  14. Maku’s ADVENTURE

    How about M1 13” mcbook pro or m2 air? Which is much better to get? Coz I can get a refurbished mcbook 13” pro in a much cheaper price.

  15. Went with 16” MacBook Pro M1, plan to keep for many years 🎉

  16. Getting a air with decent specs would be the price of a 14 pro.. lol the screen alone should steer people to the pro. Only value i see in an air is the 8gb versions being cheap but you might as well get a tablet at that point

  17. WatchWithJuniorr

    Thank you for the clarity! I already own the M1 Pro with 16GB RAM and 1TB storage (10-core CPU and 16-core GPU), but I honestly regret not upgrading to the 32GB or 64GB memory option for future proofing reasons. I figured the M2 Air offering 24GB was a slight upgrade and I'd be open to the idea of giving up the beautiful display and sound quality on my M1 Pro… I guess switching to the M2 Air isn't worthwhile after all… I seriously wish apple would allow me to upgrade my current model but that's asking for too much, I guess. Thanks again for your help!

  18. TMC's VideoADay.

    Two things: Where did you get that brown leather bag from? Also, where did you get the backgrounds which were on the Macbooks? One more thing Great video!!!

  19. Emperor Palpamemes

    If you can find a good deal on the M1 Pro then go for it because you can get the base model from retailers like Costco for the same price as it would be to buy the M2 Air when it’s upgraded to the same RAM and Storage as the M1 Pro, yet the Pro is just much quicker and will last you longer 👍

  20. Thank you. you completely addressed my questions and hit upon my particular scenario. appreciate the end where you note the sceanrio in which one would or would not want the souped up macbook air.

  21. I love the video, but if you haven't changed your lavalier yet, I strongly recommend to do so. Or you can try to use a de-esser plugin on your voice because your S consonant hurt my ears so much.

  22. Anitah Tebitendwa

    Thanks for this video, I was still undecided but will go for a MacBook pro and upgrade to save a few dollars.

  23. I love the M2 MacBook Air design and how sleek it looks, but the M1 14 inch pro mini LED is the only thing I would love to have on this MacBook Air

  24. Excellent video review, I fall into that last category where weight is of paramount importance. As an older person with shoulder problems, carrying a laptop around a full pound less than the MBP is of enormous importance – weight is a priority. And I have a highly powered desktop at home for heavier processing/more intensive tasks.

  25. 1. I alreadyy have the the (high spec) MacBook Air M2. 3. I don’t need Squarespace, thanks & I also pay a monthly premium to eliminate advertisements & don’t appreciate YouTuners interspersing their content with advertorials & atrocious music. 3. I have rwo Apple IPad M1 12.0 M1 devic9& IPhone 14pro – rather a lot of airily expensive kit. Why would I spend another £1,pop required to buy the MackBook Pro? I nearly did, but realised that since I simply can’t be bothered wasting my time with gaming or social media. I don’t see the need 4. I have poofeyesignt & your comments regarding visual acuity are quite correct, but not something I would really notice. Thanks for the info, anyhow.

  26. Psst, at 6:03 it reads "10% off your fist purchase!"

  27. I got the Pro and I love it. The only downside is that the build quality feels a bit more "hollow" if you know what I mean. The Airs are more crammed inside and there's less of that echo/empty space sound and feel when you type or tap on the chassis. Apart from that, the Pro is the way to go.

  28. I got the base Mac book Air, M2 – 8 core – 256gb – Midnight, I wanted something similar to my surface and this exceeds my expectations. I'm still getting used to the OS but being able to edit a video butter smooth is nice. (minor video editing, mainly Youtube shorts and gaming clips.)

  29. thxxxxx

  30. What cleaner were you using on the Air in the beginning of the video?

  31. M1 PRO 14” İS THE BEST

  32. Song of the intro? It sounded familiar…

  33. Great video once again 🙂 However i still dont know if i should go with M2Pro,M1Air(16gb RAM) or M2 Air… 😀 I would like to have the new look of M2Air, but dont know if M1Air with 16GB of RAM wouldn't be better… Iam working with big big files of word, excel and powerpoint..
    (Are you sure you cannot connect 2 external displays to M2 air? I saw a lot, lot videos about connecting 2 displays :/ Thats a huge deal for me)
    Thanks for your opinion. Have a nice one and keep up with these videos!! 🙂

  34. pressrepeat2000

    Great comparison. I’d also add that the Mini LED screen is a hit and miss and very dependent on your preferences. While it obviously has darker blacks (all black), it also has blooming and unevenly lit edges. Plus lag when scrolling, with very slow blooming effects especially with white on black backgrounds. So the Pro Motion won’t help you when the LED backlights are so slow in themselves. Plus it has some PWM screen flicker, while the M2 is flicker free. All that means it’s a no go for me.

  35. Елена Соловьёва

    I am a graphic designer, so my to-go tools are adobe illustrator & photoshop. So, designer’s stuff and web browsing only. Not going to do any heavier tasks than these, so thinking about buying M2 MBA. Will it work good for my tasks or I should earn some more money and get 14” Pro?

    P.S. It will be my first Macbook, now I have pretty average asus laptop, so I think I will be extremely surprised 😅 by the performance of M2 Air.

  36. What is this metal holder for a laptop? Thanks.

  37. If you can only bump up the memory or storage, which would you choose? Mostly writing and using drive for work. Will occasionally make videos but I use my iPad for that and transfer over. What would be better?

  38. M1 Pro for two reason: multiple external displays and all the ports

  39. M1 pro for two reasons: not one but two external monitors

  40. The fact that the m2 air has such a similar screen to my 2015 12” MacBook makes it hard to even consider updating to it.

  41. So, right now for those worried about money or debating a M2 air or 14 M1 Pro, get the MacBook Pro 14. It’s 1,599$ at Bestbuy. I just snagged one and with the specs and the much better screen I won’t be looking back at my returned M2 Air with 512gb upgrade. This blows the M2 air out of the water and is worth it. I suspect Apple is going to be releasing a new M2 MacBook 14/16 soon but for this price point, it’s the perfect time to grab one. The speakers, amazing screen, 16gb of fast RAM and 512gb hard drive make it a no-brainer!

  42. مفروشات الاناقة البداوي

    Thank you for the valuable information,it's a great device .How much I dream of, but it's expensive, as a matter of help , whether you have a used MacBook or an old generation that you want to do without ,I need it and thank you ,and allow me to intrude on you😉


  43. Thanks for stating all the obvious and the details that we can ready from the apple website anyway.

  44. Sridhar Katakam

    I am waiting for M2 MBPs due next month.

  45. I have MacBook Air 2018 I5 and try decide between pro m1 and m2 MacBook Air . I wants one to keep it for 5 or 8 years

  46. This is really useful information. Thank you!

  47. Michael Robinson

    My son is a jewellery design student using Rhino 3D and he'd like to buy an apple laptop as he's into design and already has an iphone. He'd probably prefer the Pro but it's a lot more expensive and it's also larger for him to commute with. Could he get by with an M2 Air 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD? I guess he could add an external SSD if he needs more storage. Another option is just to go for a windows laptop as I understand Rhino 3D works better on windows. Any input welcome …

  48. This video exactly answered the question I asked. Thanks for making it a clear and easy decision for me now to make. Well produced and presented video.