Windows user Switches to Macbook Air M2: For 30 Days!

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The best webcam you can get right now, especially for your new Macbook Air M2. A device as a PC user, I recently switched to for 30 days as my dedicated machine to see how well Apple’s latest Laptop handles and if I should stay

MacBook Air M2:

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  1. Spaceboi Scapahandre

    Bro no we Mac users spent years begging for Magsafe to come back and now you want it gone again lmao

    Magsafe’s great since it’s a safety net if the cord somehow gets tripped, which in university or if you have a cat happens a lot. Magsafe saved my Macbook Pro from getting yeeted off of my couch when my roomba got caught on the cord

  2. 😲 when you tossed your MacAir 😂

  3. وسيم قاضي VASEEM KAZI

    It's thounderbolt 3 .. not 4

  4. I have a HP laptop
    I’m thinking about switching to MacBook Pro

  5. SusuHaxApplication

    Hey guys, I found this unusual work on MacBook Air M2 with a operating system of Mac OS 9. See watch my video channel please ? I recorded on Apple Store in Paris.

  6. OMG 😍

    The price is expensive 😥

    it's impossible for someone like me to buy a macbook that expensive

  7. diggin your t-shirt 💪🏼

  8. I love Apple’s hardware. I’m in the ecosystem and I find macOS to be more stable and less problematic. However even though I’ve been using a Mac since 2015 I’m still more proficient in using a windows machine. I wouldn’t swap back but the muscle memory lives on.

  9. Just bought the base model yesterday. Needed a laptop for school and I think it’s a perfect fit. It would be nice if they put a usb-c port or 2 on the other side as well tho.

  10. Mùa Vụ Quê Nhà


  11. Ian Morris Nieves

    the ports are Thunderbolt 3, not 4, heads up… the pro model has Thunderbolt 4

  12. Breakthrough The World

    Just wanted to let you know for the future! You can go to settings and turn on the right click option so it isn’t just left clicking!

  13. Ali Abdullah Rizwan

    Please review the hp aero 13

  14. thatchinaboi USA

    MacOS is the problem with MacBooks.

  15. There is so much I love about Apple hardware but their stubbornness in not giving consumers everything we want turns me off. I have an iPad and used it to make edits to my novel. The lack of back button was a problem that slowed me down. Also I tend not to like their OS's. But they are the Kings of hardware. All day battery life on Macs. My iPad pro last for days and they update the software for years. There are so many pros but the con is that I hate Mac OS

  16. interesting review.
    I always hated Apple, because of the way it was overpriced (at equivalent performances), overrated (I did support a park of apple machines and did not think it was sturdier than what my PC customers have, at equivalent prices) and it comes with a brand representation I really hate; No, a tech tool does not make you a fancy and clever person.
    BUT… recently most constructors have been following that trend, bumping prices and pretending to be high quality / premium stuff.
    AND after watching a couple tests of the latest Macbooks Air, it's super impressive, they kind of destroy the PC counterpart at equivalent price.
    While I'm not willing to change ecosystems, I'm not as reluctant as I was.

  17. Wow, the webcam on the M2 is not exciting.

  18. Kunal Suryawanshi

    compare with galaxy book 2 pro

  19. Excellent video!

  20. Use karabiner to solve keyboard issue

  21. Does it heat up on a regular after having a few programs open?

  22. I don't have a macbook , but did join the dark side with an iPhone and ipad air a couple of years ago, and I concur, apples software while good in a lot of ways does have a few seriously annoying little quirks if you have always been an Android and pc dude .
    I just wanted to run my iPhone over with a kenworth for the first two months😁 …….😐seriously,
    as I've learned to use it , it has grown on me, those little quirks do still remain though.

  23. Cool

  24. great video as always.
    as a fellow gamer, never been interested in mac.
    i have been using an iPhone 13 for 3 month's now and i still don't like it coming from an android Samsung. iPhone is still missing aot of features.

  25. That notch is a complete deal breaker. Who puts a notch on a frkkn laptop ? And it's a crappy webcam anyway. Absolutely horrible move by apple.

  26. I think the MacBook Air is so important for computers in general. I do think it’s got a higher price point that it should but it’s such a solid machine. The caveat is it’s a solid machine on the top end spec. The base model not so much.

  27. 1.talking about unistalling software u dont unistall softwares daily once in a month maybe.