Don't Get the Base Model M2 MacBook Air

In this clip, Marques and David briefly discuss the new M2 MacBook Air and whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. especially when compared to the previous model.

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  1. IMO I'd upgrade the RAM over the HD…

  2. Someone just brought me a m2 pro 13in. Think I can trade it In for the air? Literally only because the colors and the wider screen. Every thing else I can care less about

  3. Does the SSD-upgrade also apply to the Pro M2?

  4. Just curious .. why you guys wear headphone while discussing stuff in the same room ?

  5. Thanks for sharing. On my side:
    -I don’t even need 256 gigs on a MacBook as all my files are in the cloud. I would guess a lot of users have the same use case
    -Slower SSD: yes but not really. It’s still blazing fast. And I don’t use Chrome anyway so don’t need much memory swap

  6. You both sound ALIKE!!! Closed my eyes and didn’t know who was who…

  7. The upgraded version isn't worth the money.

  8. Why don't they say "THE" when talking about the Macbook and other Apple products?

  9. M1 Design is way better, feels better too.

  10. Apple know how to give clear price ladder, we as a customer end up with expending more.

  11. Saw this to late

  12. Easy to say for people who have the money to choose whichever they want and not just what they can afford.

  13. I’ve never used a MacBook and have wanted one for ages, I’m so close to buying the M2 but I’ll only be using it for day to day browsing and work

  14. What if you’ve never owned a MacBook and this is your first buy ?

  15. Just Another Blader

    even with the base m2 air model, i have no issues with speed or heat when doing simple video editing (1080/4k) in something like iMovie, with multiple browsers and apps running in the back. People these days are spoiled! It'll do more than fine for anyone on the hobbyist side of things, whether it be film editing, recording music, playing games, whatever. If you're doing that stuff at a more advanced level, you won't even be considering this product in the first place.

  16. Reflex Flow Training

    Imagine the shit apple got away with before review channels existed

  17. Burning Anditching

    im watching this on a base model m2 MacBook Air

  18. Works fine for me.

  19. I really like how the Air 2 looks however looking at what I use as a programmer. I need 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, which puts me really close to the PRO series in terms of price. I'm waiting till november/december to see if apple updates their pro 14/16 inch models and then recheck which laptop is worth buying. Currently on a 2014 macbook pro 😅

  20. Hey! I'm in digital marketing and my main work normally revolves around switching around LOADS of Chrome tabs. Do you think the M2 MBA would be good enough?

  21. Managed to get a m1 air for $719 at Best Buy this past weekend. So far I love it

  22. Problem with Apple high pricing is that once you put in 16gb ram and 256gb storage, you get almost the same price as the 14" MBP on sale for $1599… That is a much better machine but some people really like the smaller form factor of the air. Tim Cook Wallet.

  23. here's another catch that severly impact any productivity worker who need to work with sheets or Excel, or lots of documents: it only support 1 external display. That is super annoying when even the cheapest windows laptop support 2-3 natively easily without any dock. Display link sucks.

  24. kiram dahanet

  25. I have a Macbook Pro M1 with 8GB ram. I ordered a 16GB but my IT department apparently ordered an 8GB RAM in stead. First few months it was great, now it's slow as fuck, looking at replacing it already

  26. Why ls video editing so important all of a sudden. Is everyone suddenly a youtuber nowadays?. Even the base model is more than enough for like 99% of working people and students.

  27. Even 512gb of storage is small, and dongles are super annoying.
    8gb of ram means you'll have small problems multitasking from time to time, depending.
    But if you are a casual user (mostly a web surfer, simple video editing, music) you'll be happy with this for 5 to 10 years.
    Macs don't have that slow creep effect like PC do, a ten year old MacBook will run just as smooth as it did on day 1.

  28. Pamela Moreno Rodas

    My MacBook Air 2018 with 128gb and still has plenty memory lol, I think you should recommend to an specific audience because some people will do wonders with 256gb.

  29. People can buy all the macs they want but they're still not going to be smarter than me lol

  30. Jason Lee in Taiwan - 李源生

    If you have to spec up, it makes more sense to get the 14" MacBook Pro M1. If that machine is discounted $400 USD, that's the best deal.

  31. watching this on my newly purchased base model m2

  32. Moustafa Al Etreby

    instead of upgrading the m2 to 512ssd, the m1 512 can compensate for the advantages of the m2 over the m1?

  33. Im watching this on my base model M2 MacBook Air

  34. You can get a m1 macbook pro 14 for 1600 bucks at costco… I think I might go that route.

  35. Why, in God’s name, would anyone use Chrome?

  36. new M1 MacBook Pros – "16" and 14" tonight. The body is squared off and thicker than my 2019 MBP. WHAT??? And it feels cheap, not like the former Airplane Grade aluminum. You knock on it and it feels hollow-ish. And the bottom feet are harder than previous models, almost like a cell phone case that is hard plastic and sort of hits the desk too hard. I am pretty disappointed. Why, Apple, Why?

  37. Also avoid the base M2 MacBook Pro. My god I’ve never been more disappointed in a computer. I have a bunch of tabs open for school and it completely throttles!! Screw that!

  38. what laptop is marques using in this video?