M2 MacBook Air 8GB vs 16GB RAM – How BAD is base model?

Many reviewers believe the base M2 MacBook Air SHOULDN’T exist, but what if it’s actually viable for some people? Let’s test exactly HOW MUCH you gain from the extra $400 in upgrades!
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Timestamps ⬇️
8GB/256GB base vs 16GB/512GB Upgrade – 00:00
Blackmagic SSD Speed Test – 01:04
File Transfer Speed Test – 02:08
Baseline Performance – 04:17
Blender 3D Rendering – 05:32
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 07:20
Lightroom Multitasking Performance – 09:40
Xcode Programming Speed – 11:33
4K HEVC & ProRes RAW Video – 12:14
Photoshop Editing/The VERDICT – 14:31

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    Your videos help me a lot in studying basic parts of Macbooks,most especially Macbook Air, which I bought recently.I am plannind to upgrade my M2 Air base model someday, is it upgradable, can i replace it's motherboard with the one which is 16GB RAM and 512 SSD or Higher? I hope you could answer back my query.More power to you.

  3. I missed the raffle I wish I could win the computer. I don't know if you would send it to Turkey though :((

  4. This is such a stupid comparison. Do you even know what does "control variable" mean? How can you draw any conclusion when both the RAM and the SSD are different? It's only fair to compare 8GB/256GB to 16GB/256GB or 16GB/256GB to 16GB/512GB. You are comparing 8GB/256GB to 16GB/512GB? What a joke. This channel no longer has serious stuff.

  5. GREAT video…exactly what I needed to see. People kept saying "8GB is fine, 256GB is fine" and I kept doubting it. Good to see how much slower it is in various tasks withoiut the upgrades.

  6. On the down side 16GB of ram is going pass data to the chip faster on these fanless macs, so it'll get hotter faster and on large tasks throttle, whereas the 8GB wont.

  7. If you’re on a budget and want a good computer at a good price, just get the M1 air. That’s what I have for standard daily use and it flies. I don’t do video processing or play any serious games on it. Just for business/personal uses.

  8. At some point you use charger in one, not in the other one which is not fair…

  9. Anthony Hayslett

    Amazing Mac’s

  10. Jesus Christ more trash videos pushing a bigger SSD drive with hopes of some insane leap in speed. If you need all these SSD speed why are you buying a MacBook Air to start with. People are making these dumb videos pushing devices to do and run tasks that you normally wouldn’t run on them. Just moronic. Take your car on the Baja. Yeah it could run it but doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it. Whenever anything becomes popular wannabes jump all over it. So lame

  11. Winning that pc would be a life saver in really tight on money right now and i’m trying to buy a laptop for school

  12. Are there comparisons of 8GB ram but 256 vs 512 hard drives?

  13. user unidentifies

    Thanx buddy

  14. Let’s go RAMS

  15. My parents got me the 8gb of ram version and I’m planning to use indesign so will it like be laggy or will it run somewhat smoothly

  16. Excellent analysis…. Thx for share it… I cleared many doubts…

  17. jagjeewan singh Rommana

    Should be buy m1 or M2 512

  18. Why 16gb it’s charging and 8 inst? This changes results.

  19. Great video but I noticed you had the 16GB model plugged into power, does that make any difference I wonder?

  20. Great video. I ordered my M2 Air a few days ago. Ordered the 512/16 model. After seeing this video, I'm glad I splurged for the upgraded laptop.

  21. Great video man !

  22. I wish the base storage was 512gb so you just had to upgrade the RAM

  23. The base m2 isn't for people who need the most power, it's for students and people who just want a new macbook.

  24. In India they are offering only with 8gb ram configurations. Now the 8gb/512 air comes close to the new Mbp 14.

    They want to sell the the MacBook Pro more it seems with such pricing.

  25. Sriram Ramanathan

    Is it an mba vs mbp comparison because that is what the pictures show, please?

  26. This is the comparison I’ve been searching for! 👍

  27. რას არ გაიგებ!