MacBook Pro Unboxing ✨ – 16 Inch – M1 Pro chip – ASMR – First impression 👽

Hi guys! I just recently got my hands on the Macbook Pro 🥳. While waiting for all the products to arrive I watched tons of unboxing videos (againn!) because I was way too excited about the arrival of mine. I got very good reactions for my Ipad pro unboxing video so I decided to make one for Macbook pro too. I personally enjoyed the chill, relaxing unboxing videos so I hope you enjoy…

In this video I unbox :
MacBook Pro – Space Gray, 16″ (512G), (M1 Pro chip)
Logitech Pebble M350 – Eucalyptus
Baseus 5 in 1 – Type C
Kaft Nordhug Bag – Brick –


I also tried to answer some questions. Like :
Is Macsafe a good choice??
Is the camera notch annoying?
Do alternative mouses work without problems?
some comments and tips…

I hope you guys enjoy the video, and let me know what you guys think in the comment below. (:

So… Grab your drink of choice and chill with me! ☕️
Thank you and stay safe!

( DISCLAIMER ⚠️ Just an ordinary girl who also needed to save up money FOR SO LONG through my part-time jobs!! )

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  1. Rain (something in the rain)

    What is your camera?

  2. I would have laughed so hard if you spilled your tea on the laptop 😂

  3. Which software are use for video edit?

  4. Danuja Sarathchandra

    where did you odered this i mean the app to online oder

  5. Neslihan Tuğba Öz

    Öncelikle iyi günlerde kullanın. Bu arada Baseus hub’daki o girişin adı HTML değil HDMI. ☺️ HTML web sayfaları ile ilgili bir terim. 😊 Ayrıca mouse olarak Apple Magic Mouse üzerine yok. Üstelik üstünde dokunmatik komutlar var. Çok işlevsel olabiliyor. 🤓

  6. Знатно насосала…

  7. Aziz Tokhirjonov

    I am deeply impressed by the atmosphere you have created with power of apple products and other accessories!!! So cosy environment

  8. Muhammad Hanzla Zahid

    Which software you use for editing because your editing skills are awesome

  9. What video software did you use to edit this video?

  10. pull the charger vertically up to unplug it.

  11. Ismael Mauricio Mamani Escobar


  12. Alimkhan Zhanbekov

    this video helps me to choice my new MacBook, thank you.
    hello from Kazakhstan🇰🇿

  13. Benimde alasim geldi güzel bir video olmuş teşekkürler 👍

  14. Jamon Lee Carter

    Trust me cmd key is so much more convenient than ctrl key and the placement is perfectly designed. You’ll get used to it in no time and won’t think back going to ctrl key 😊

  15. Watching this video is a relaxing session 😌.

  16. politicsinTurkey

    Bir kutu açılışıyla yetinmeyip birden çok kutu açmak, çizim yapmak.. Video değil sanat eseri mübarek. Scrolling biraz üzdü ama ipad ekranıyla telafi eder. Klavyeye alışabildin mi?

  17. ahmed hassanein

    these music tracks are familiar! Omg It's from Maplestory!

  18. Kullanıcı Kimse

    Bilgisayarda merhaba yazınca farkettim smsmsmsmsm yabancı kanallar kadar kaliteli olmuş video eline sağlık 🤌👍

  19. Great unboxing!
    tho imagine if she spilled the tea on the mac 🥲

  20. 1 hafta önce ben de bu modelin m1 max 32ram 1tb ssd modelini aldım umarım pozitif teknolojiden almışsındır öğrenci için baya ucuza geliyor ve kutusunu açma anı vs çok güzel hissettiriyor güle güle kullan 🙂

  21. Looks fantastic. The 512 GB sounds great. The 16” screen size looks brilliant and clear.

  22. jennifer fleming

    btw u spelled memory wrong in the first part, but very good vid 😀

  23. مفروشات الاناقة البداوي

    Thank for this video!For help,my honourable friend ,there a user or an old one?Thank you🙂

  24. It‘s very funny to watch, my macbook pro 16 is waiting at home for me, it arrived today, i will arrive home in 2 days 🙈😂😝

  25. I love watching unboxing but the sad thing that I won’t get them 😢

  26. 10:43 That’s not really true. The Logitech Pebble is certainly the best value for money (and the most aesthetically beautiful), but – besides it and almost all the other models from Logitech – any mouse with a good bluetooth connection is compatible and will work seamslessly with any Mac. 👍🙂
    Congratulations and enjoy your new Mac. 💗💗

  27. مفروشات الاناقة البداوي

    Thanks for all the information that a good device ,but I can't buy it because it 's expensive .I wish I could find one of this type used ,but Unfortunately.Thanks 🙂

  28. iyi günlerde kullanın Zeynep Hanım 😅

  29. The fact that you put liquid next to a expensiveac is weird XD

  30. I finally got my dream laptop (Mackbook air) my sister gifted it to me on my birthday

  31. I love you for your videos. They are really satisfying

  32. Abolfazl Shakeri

    It's like watching…I live you.

  33. Samet Gökboğa

    Harika bir video olmuş. Farenizi ayarlardan ayarlayabiliyorsunuz.

  34. I see text of mackbook pro starting the video

  35. ürünler çok güzel izlemesi çok keyifli

  36. •𝐭𝐡𝐯•

    Ciddi misin???ipad kutu açılımı videosunu yaklaşık 30 kere izledim sürekli kanalındaydım ve ben bu videoyu görmedim mi 6 ay ne demekk

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