Is the M2 MacBook Air Worth it over the M1 MacBook Air?

Is the all new M2 MacBook Air Better and the M1 MacBook Air? Let’s take a look in this VS video.
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  1. Kevin The Tech Ninja

    Hello all!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day. Please consider subscribing if you are not. If you do not subscribe, it's ok, I'm just glad you watched.

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  2. I just love how the m1 is so powerful in my needs as average consumer

  3. Sasanman Prince of Persia

    The M1 air with 16gb ram and 512 gb ssd costs me around 1500 Euros, the M2 Air with the same config costs almost 2000 Euros just the same as the 14 M1 pro. I have started video editing as a hobby and currently use my desktop pc (R5 5600x, 3080, 32gb ram) for that  but I want something as well for the go since I am often on the go. Which model would you recommend me?  I want to keep the device at least for 5 yrs.

  4. Carot Christophersen

    i’m getting my first ever Macbook M1, but which one should i get: M1 Macbook Air with 16gb ram or the base model of M1 Macbook air with 8gb ram?
    Im going to use it for school….word, excel, powerpoint, Discord, browsing, Netflix and youtube and i would like to be able to use it for 3-5 years.

  5. I just need one for school…. Just research and papers….

  6. Sorry but I disagree . The variance between the 2 machine is not enough to be worth the price difference. Get an M1 air. If you need more power get an m1 pro. The m2 at its current price point until that comes down makes no sense.

  7. Literally haven’t purchased a laptop in 7 years and I went out and purchased an m1 air just because it was so badass and so cheap… I buy a new iPad every 2 yrs tho. But iPad still is no replacement for laptop

  8. Bad video

  9. I’m upgrading from a $250 HP Laptop with 4GB RAM and this will be my first MacBook. Will I see a big difference if I go with the M2 Air? I’m studying 3D Animation & I know Mac isn’t the best for it but I’m tired of windows computers and the constant updates and slow speeds. Which MacBook should I get ?

  10. Wait, this is a 2020?
    How can I see the m1 2022?

  11. Hi, I just want to know which laptop will be better for me if I’m a graphic design student, the Matebook D16 or a Macbook Air and why? thank u

  12. M2 MBA Base model vs M1 MBA 16 gigs??
    I am a business student so content consumption(netflix, yt), MS Office and research work

  13. I still think the m1 air is the better buy, because upgrading from 8GB to 16GB for the same price is a big deal, and the m1 air is not old or slow, and definitely has a good design even after 5 years, and nothing even comes close to the m1 air in performance. Sure the m2 has a new design, better display, and speakers, but that doesn't impact my workflow. For the display, m1 air is already enough, and I always carry a portable speaker with me, to me, I don't really like the new design that apple is (that squared boxy one), and you don't notice .1 inches difference(considering full screen) when you are looking at something. And considering, that you don't even get the full 10crore GPU model, The m1 air is still the better buy(at least for me :p )

  14. Fandi Rahman Hidayat

    Sir, I have macbook Pro 2017. And i want to upgrade to m2 macbook air. Will it have a better audio? Since the macbook pro 2017 came with high dynamic sound.

  15. This review is stupid as you don't actually have the product yet.

  16. Can someone help me decide, I'm thinking about buying m1 air 16gb ram vs m2 base model air for music production and some video editing, can anyone help me how different would be cpu performance between m1 16gb ram and m2 8gb ram?

  17. 😍😍😍hello sir we always watching your vedios specilay me very help fully vedios thank you love you your fan hope you got billions subscribers 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Only reason i want a macbook is for FCPX / premier pro … if they launch FCPX on ipad its game over. The m1 ipad pro is more than capable

  19. I would rather get the M1 MBA with 16gb

  20. The lines are 'so blurred' that Apple had to leave all the ports out of the Air for there to be a reason to pay for the 'Pro'…Which is pretty sad imo!

  21. I’ve had an IPad now for almost 2 years with the magic keyboard. It’s really nice for games and media consumption. I also use it to pay bills and reading articles. The biggest thing I miss about having a laptop is typing emails/papers. While it can be done fairly easily with the IPad, I do miss how easy the typing on a laptop was.

  22. Been waiting for the M2 to come out as I never cared for the wedge MBA. 13.6" screen is better as I wanted a 14"ish – new style is great – Latest silicone may help future proof it – only decision is if I should get 16GB RAM…
    You suggested an iPad with a keyboard – I just don't get that – well isn't that a laptop that is way more of a PITA❓❓❓

  23. I’m currently selling my ipad pro 12.9 with magic keyboard to get the m2 air with 512gb, my reason is because i my old time machine back up as 200gb of my old and rare music on it so i miss it that much i want it all back and back to a laptop, i do think however the ipad pro is a super good substitute for a laptop and i have very much enjoyed it, but seeing the m2 air coming out i want to go back and the power and the looks now have really got me wanting it as not really liked the shape of the air until now, thankyou for the video

  24. nope I dont think ipad is a laptop replacement. You can get the M1 macbook air very cheap on deals in costco or B&H. I got mine for $850 from costco. Solid deal and way better than a ipad with keypad setup.

  25. The answer is:
    Of course it isn't worth it

  26. From the title… YES absolutely worth it.