2022 MacBook Air VS 2020 MacBook Air! FULL COMPARE! Slow SSD!?

It’s here! The redesigned M2 MacBook Air. I compare it to our previous generation M1 MacBook Air including new ports and features, camera performance, and benchmarks. Which do you prefer?

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Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:35 Design
2:23 Ports
3:11 Sponsor break: Jamf
4:58 Internal customization
5:41 Screen sizes and performance
6:23 FaceTime Camera
7:38 Audio and speakers
8:30 M2 processor
9:34 Benchmarks
10:29 Summary

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  1. MacBook Air 2022

  2. If you're just using a MacBook Air for word processing (taking notes in class, writing papers) is there significant difference to warrant the more expensive machine?

  3. Was very interested in your comparison of the two MacBooks ~ of which the MacBook Air 22 I have recently bought in UK as a replacement for a worn-out though much appreciated older whopping thick and heavy 16'"MacBook Pro I bought yonks ago that has finally given-up-the-ghost. Am getting used to the smallness of the MacBook Air 22. Would love to be able to upgrade and have refurbished my old MacBook Pro which perhaps could be a video you might consider re 'upgrades to old Macs'. Meantime, during your video here I noted you talking about the side jack for headphones that I hadn't realised was there on my new MacBook Air 22 ~ I immediately plugged in a couple of headphones, trying out one-after-the-other, only to find sound quality through phones was just not good enough being somewhat muffled of clear hearing of your voice and diminished of adequate hearing quality, admittedly they're cheap-type headphones. Thank you 🙂

  4. For hundreds of extra dollars, a slower SSD is a complete joke. Luckily, 1.6GB per second will be more than enough for what I’ll be doing… but still, apple. WHY.

  5. MacBook air 2020 sucks

  6. Man you have more than one laptops , where im trying so hard to get at least one ☝️ great bro 😎


  8. Great video! How necessary do you think we need 16Gb if we want to avoid thermal throttling, overheating, etc, especially for people who aren’t creating content or doing hardcore coding etc on a daily basis

  9. How about buying the entry level but upgrade the ssd to 512 is it going to change the ssd speed? Since the 10 core apparently throttle faster.

  10. AwesomepinepplezXP

    Please do MacBook Air m2 vs MacBook Pro m2

  11. Sanjin Dervisevic

    No reason for upgrade if you own m1 air. One of the best machines I have owned. I have had my ever since release and it still holds battery like crazy.

  12. Apple is nuts with the pricing.

  13. Geekbench results are a useless comparison in a MacBook Air, because it's going to thermal throttle, and Geekbench is neither practical nor sustained

  14. Please clarify, is it recommended to get the base model M2 air and select the 512GB HD to avoid the slower 256GB HD or get the next step up with the 10core GPU and 512GB for a little extra $.

  15. But can M2 8/256 base model suffice for media streaming, web browsing, pdf reading, docs processing, and occasional light imovie making? 200 dollars for upgrade either ram/ssd is actually steep. I dont need a lot of storage as I prefer cloud. What u think? 😅

  16. Lol! when the M1 has faster disk read and SSD performance.

  17. I have a base M2 air. Works fantastic. Tested with 30+ tabs open, tons of apps open including Blender, Photoshop, Blender, XD, Sketch..no lag or heat noticed whatsoever. I bought the base M2 air thinking I’d test it and return it since I expected it to slow down based on the SSD, but it does not. Yes, for video editing it could be different, but for my tests pushing the comp to unreasonable limits, it works perfectly.

  18. Gosh 14 inch MBA is super thick, but this time it will have adequate cooling

  19. Which of these two is better for a university use (take notes, watching videos, using excel and other stuff)?:
    -MBA with 512 of SSD and 8gb of RAM
    – MBA with 256 gb of SSD (with the storage issue) and 16 go of RAM
    Considering that I would like to keep this MacBook for at least 5-6 years

  20. The M2 is brilliant marketing to push people up to the M1 pro 14". I prefer the M1 air 100%

  21. 3rd video I’ve seen that helped me decide which MBA to get
    And it’s gonna be M1 base model along with a Magic Mouse
    Should be more than enough to handle my light photo editing
    Thanks for all the great videos

  22. MacBook “13” M1 Pro
    MacBook Air M2?

  23. Feels like the ssd speeds and heat are being over blown by tech channels for clicks. So far no one has proven it’s slower than previous models or that it runs hot under normal circumstances.

  24. which is better macbook air m2? 16/256 or 8/512?

  25. On the base model 256GB would I notice a lot of slow speeds if I just use it for daily use like school work having maybe spotify, a word document and maybe 1 or 2 safari tabs open?

  26. I mean as long as it plays youtube videos and downloads porn at a reasonable speed it should be fine.

  27. Finally a video comparing it to the previous MBA M1. Every other video seems to be comparing to the MBP.