M2 MacBook Pro – Top 7 Advantages vs M2 MacBook Air!

The M2 MacBook Pro isn’t all bad news! It actually has a few advantages over the M2 MacBook Air, and that’s exactly what I highlight in this video.
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Timestamps ⬇️
M2 MacBook Pro vs M2 MacBook Air – 00:00
Advantage #1 – 01:29
Advantage #2 – 02:10
Advantage #3 – 03:16
Advantage #4 – 03:53
Advantage #5 – 04:40
Advantage #6 – 05:29
Advantage #7 – 06:11

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  1. What are YOUR thoughts on the new M2 MacBook Pro vs M2 MacBook Air? Comment below!
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    Amazing review!!

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  8. I don’t see the point of the Touch Bar

  9. It bothers me that they make videos without having the actual laptop on hand…

  10. Onn Khairuddin bin Ismail

    Cpu heat is the most important for me.. no laptop has ever survive 1 year from my frequent java code compilation and fixing client's data, until my alienware came along which lasted nearly 10 years..
    Now I'm switching back to mbp, compelled by the M2.. it will be awesome enough if it can lasts at least 3 years.

  11. Is M2 mac book pro worth over M2 mac book air?

  12. M2 Air seems great

  13. One more trip to Best Buy… I’ll return the MBP 13 for an Air M2 let’s get iiit

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  15. Apple's decisions are becoming annoying because they make their devices far from perfect and make users more confused

  16. I got a fully loaded M 2 MacBook Pro. I don't care what anybody says, this thing is the best 13 inch laptop on the planet !!!

  17. I think macbook pro is a good buy for people who have heavier workloads. Nice video! It’s very specific.

  18. The M2 chip fits this laptop like a glove. The M2 really needs that fan, and this laptop has it. I would have loved the new 13.6 inch screen and new camera as well, but that’s apple for you…

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  36. The new MBA M2 is great for stundents everyday tasks, and i cant lie that it looks so great and aesthetic

  37. Thank you for the comparison. It really helps me giving an insight of what I should buy.

  38. Don’t worry to much guys the Touch Bar even if it goes it will come back sooner or later knowing apple.

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