m2 macbook air (starlight) unboxing & setup + accessories 💻

unboxing M2 MacBook Air (starlight) 🤎
a windows computer user all my life then switching to MacOS for the first time!
맥북 에어 m2 언박싱
0:45 MacBook Air unboxing
3:35 basic setup
4:58 starlight color
5:40 accessories unboxing
#macbookairm2 #macbookair
BGM – Oneul
Kaya Toast –
Mont Blanc –
Happy Avocado –

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  1. It's to help you and me and us to build something different from and do work on

  2. Love the video 😍 I’m thinking about getting one too! May I ask from where you got the laptop bag ?? 🙂

  3. link bag for macbook please.. by online shope ?

  4. 자막 emoji 는 삼성것같은데 휴대폰은 갤럭시를 쓰셨나요?

  5. was it hard to learn how to use it on the first time? I also have never used a mac before so i am worried is their a guideline in the software for first mac users??

  6. can you give a link for the beige bag you bought? i want that one as well!

  7. 영상편집도 잘 되나요?

  8. Which model (inch) is this

  9. 스타라이트 근본입니다! 넘나 만족중

  10. 4:55 ewwwwwww MagSafe, dangggg old technology, usb-c is the new deal

  11. 💎preciousxthedimond💎

    Tbh ordering apple products is a bit of a risk since some delivery people might accidentally cause damage my opinion your better off getting your products in person from the apple store tbh

  12. I can relate to the feeling in 3:39 because i’m having the same starlight macbook air m2. Been 3 days since I use it daily and I still can’t believe I have that pretty things lying in my desk 😭✨

  13. watching this from my brand new (to me) macbook air 2017 lol

  14. Does it look more pink or gold in person? Hard to tell.

  15. Can we get a link to the laptop bag 🥺👉🏾👈🏾

  16. surprisingly, ive also never had a macbook before, or any apple product in general. im stuck on whether i want a macbook pro or air. if people could help me decide, ive love so (im getitng one on christmas, and i also prefer a laptop i can play a few games with. like roblox, stray, endling if anyone knows these!! and more). i only used chromebook laptop and windows computer.

  17. Kynn Joseph Lopez

    Does starlight also attract fingerprints like the midnight?

  18. Hi! congrats I hope you are having fun and easy time with the new purchase. May I ask where in Korea did you buy it? tnx

  19. Can you please link the laptop bag

  20. korean fictional drama 하비바

    What's it price in won

  21. Mañosca, Ralph Andrew - STEM 17

    Well, actually you don’t have to hold the palm resting thing there if you want to open the Macbook. I’ve heard that you can open it with one hand even if its thin

  22. ★彡[ʟᴀᴅʏ ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ]彡★

    어..안녕하세요! 그냥 옴… 너 진짜 한국인이니? 당신이 너무 하고 싶다면 그것은 너무 ..흥미로운 것 같습니다!😅저는 구글 번역기를 사용하고 있습니다 헤헤..

  23. If they did this colour on the MacBook pros, I would be stoked to throw my money at it 😅

  24. where did you buy the laptop bag?