M1 MacBook Pro 16" (2021) – Unboxing & Initial Impressions!

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My unboxing and initial impressions of the new redesigned hardware MacBook Pro 16 with M1 Pro processor (with choice of M1 Max), and Liquid Retina Display XDR, magsafe, and more.

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  1. Sorry but thats the air

  2. My friend] is that the apple computer

  3. Apple logo no longer lit up🤣

  4. Eliezer Santaren Rosales

    Is the 16” model good with 16gb unified memory and 1tb storage fine?

  5. Please explain why it’s good that they finally retired the touchbar

  6. Bo sadi ke

  7. as someone upgrading from an early 2015 macbook air to a 16’ macbook pro with 32 ram and 1tb ssd… this made me so hyped up

  8. 3:06 this looks like the apple table

  9. Dante Viper Brandolini

    Amazing Apple M1 MacBook Pro 16" (2021) – Unboxing & Initial Impressions Video by you Sir….😝👻👽👽👽

  10. Lofi with Shamique

    great review, awesome

  11. All these tech YouTubers look like Lego people

  12. How comfortable are the keyboard and trackpad when using the 16” for long periods? Thanks

  13. After many months, I finally ordered an M1 Pro 16 inch. Same configuration as yours actually. Thanks for the video!

  14. mrtheluckybucket

    People always talk about how big it is, but compared to almost every laptop out there, by comparison it's incredibly light.

  15. We:Live:In:A:Simulation

    seems like they dont know that rgb keyboard exist…. trash macbook… I'm happier with my asus rog g15 2021

  16. Thank you for that built-in tutorial!

  17. Arkendu Banerjee

    The silver looks amazing this time.

  18. Bring back DVD drive

  19. very excited and even more anxious, my new 16" m1 max delivers the last week of APRIL pushed out to the end of june. kind of scared having it delivered per say it was dropped by the rough handlers being overworked with thousands of deliveries expected by the receiver to be delivered on time. ive noticed most items shipped by fed ex and ups are all banged up on the outside boxes, apple assures me that the styrofoam packing they use it will be fine and they say oh you've got 1 year warranty. well damage from a hard drop may not show up for a few years. i only had it shipped because i could get it shipped to an apple store within 200 miles of where i live, ive got 3 apple stores quite close but none of them are receiving the 2021 MacBook pro, weird i must say. thanks for the video. im currently on a mid 2012 MacBook Pro that i bought new in 2012, i love it, i can't get big sur iOS so apps like numbers are not working, luckily i have microsoft office 2019, myself i prefer excel over numbers and i prefer word over pages, i dont use power point enough to make a comparison over keynote. again thanks for this video

  20. so did you keep this laptop or did you return it? i saw you posted about a 14” M1 Max in space gray also

  21. rolando rodriguez


  22. Is the plug on the adapter still switchable?

  23. Thanks for the great demo. This vid also helped me with my final decision on the color. I go for SILVER. Thumbs up for ya!

  24. Khasanboy Khabibullaev

    I love when all tech-bloggers have a separate section for video editing software review because THEY use it 😏

  25. Re: late 16-in 64 M1 Max. 2021 MBP comparison test vids on YouTube demonstrate that Final Cut Pro is the vid app to use for the wickedly fast 16-inch 64 GB M1 Max for the film/video community. Apple has also for the first time delivered a genuine laptop Gamer via the Radeon Pro 5600M 8Gb HBM2 graphics card in this 16-in 64 M1 Max and with Wifi 6 which is huge improvment and 20% faster then Wifi 5 on the vid internet uploads and downloads. Yes it's a just a tad expensive.. but probably worth it due to its longevity factor and based on cost vs effective value. If you headed to school no question Apples best value for 2022 is its MacBook Air.

  26. I just got the confirmation that I'm getting a maxed out 16" from work, so excited for it to get here

  27. Connor O'sullivan

    looooooollll imagine paying thousands and thousands for an apple laptop

  28. Why is the touch pad bad.? I’m new to MacBook and really want one

  29. cutie Justin Tse

  30. Is it good for lite gaming??

  31. Personally, I don't mind the notch but I don't like how we're likely to see other competitors implements that intrusion as well.