16GB vs 24GB RAM M2 MacBook Air & Pro – Were We WRONG?!

Is 24GB Really Worth It for the M2 MacBook Air & M2 MacBook Pro? See For Yourself!
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Timestamps ⬇️
16GB vs 24GB RAM Comparison – 00:00
Baseline Performance – 01:06
Web Browsing Speed Test – 01:39
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 02:00
Xcode Programming Speed – 03:44
Blender 3D Rendering – 04:24
4K HEVC & ProRes RAW Video – 05:41
Multitasking Stress Test – 08:04
Photoshop HDR Merge – 08:42
Lightroom Classic w/ Full RAM – 09:05
4K ProRes Export with Full RAM – 09:45
Full RAM Multitasking Performance – 10:08
EXTREME RAM Stress Test – 11:28
16GB vs 24GB VERDICT – 13:46

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  1. Apple needs a m2 mba with 64gb 2TB lol 😂 everyone will be happy

  2. No brainer if your getting a mba m2 get the extra ram stay away from 8gb, with apple you can’t cheap out there base models are always crap. They want you to dish out that extra cash don’t settle for less

  3. Christopher Glen Watson

    What size ssd drives was in those?

  4. PROYECTO MIC - Musica Inedita Cristiana (Videos)

    Hi bro, I use Logic Pro… Which of both work for me?? Heeeeeelp!!!!

  5. Thanks, it tells me no point to upgrade to 24gb unified on my Macbook Air, i wonder it has similar test result for Pro on LrC test?

  6. Almost wish I went for 24GB with my M2 Air. But the Refurbished store only had 24GB models with 256GB storage and no other storage options so I got a 16GB model with 512GB instead. I have noticed it choke a few times when I had tons of Chrome and Safari tabs open. Im ADHD so I zoom back and forth between apps and forget to close things. I could be better about closing tabs and windows but it would be nice to be lazier with my work flow.

  7. Use 1TB with 24gb with the swap on a faster NvMe.

  8. いけだよしお


  9. This guy deserved a lot of trophy for reviewing these for all of us.
    Thank you.

  10. Uses Google Chrome and complains that memory is being used up💀

  11. Hi, 16gb ram or 512 GB faster SSD, after watching your review I am totally confused because your analysis is totally different from the ArtIsRight review, he proved that ram is important for speed, not SSD until and unless you want to transfer a very big file??? I am attaching his review link for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzyaFRitfrQ

  12. Hi, I have multiple accounts on my Macbook m1.. due to fast switch other users apps still using the ram and reaching 16gb. Is there a setting to swap out other users apps or in that case upgrade to 24gb makes more sense?

  13. Billy Zane Cortez

    Just purchased the M2 Pro 24GB Ram with 1Tb unit last month, I only upgrade once every couple of years and decided to use it for my creative needs specially in Photo Editing in photography as well as video editing and 3D Rendering didn't really encountered much of a problem so far as I've exported my very first basic 3D animation in blender last night came easy. My projects are fairly for personal use rather than a big heavy production projects so I guess It will be fine.

  14. The hell man no significant difference! God damn I'm taking 16gb and 512 memory model

  15. I wish apple would address the small up and down arrow on the keyboard.

  16. What's the app or widget you use to get the Temp/CPU/GPU measurements in your top toolbar?

  17. Really great comparison! It's mostly a win coming by when wondering on buying some tech.

  18. Hi I'd love to see XcodeBenchmark repo updated with the 2022 Macbook Pro data.

  19. I order mine Air M2 with 256GB storage with 16GB Ram…no need to much storage since i used cloud.. And my phone is my primary.. But needed RAM in case. 👌

  20. You did hide Window Server haha, that thing sucks.

  21. Good video Max. I wasn’t too surprised 😲. I think you got similar results on the M1 MacBook Pro models.

  22. 24 GB is like a dream for every man. But we all have 16GB in reality.

  23. If there's one question I have about all your testing methods it's this..
    All these tests tend to get run on brand new machines.
    Brand new machines with mostly empty hard drives.
    I point that out because most computer slowed down as they get littered with files and programs.
    Hard drives run slower the fuller they get.
    I really think if you're going to spot the difference in swap usage you need to take both machines and fill the hard drives up to 80% capacity to slow the drives down a bit then run the tests and see if having more ram makes a difference at that point.
    In other words if the hard drive is slowing down because it's getting filled up to capacity will the operating system then start accessing more memory to keep the machine running faster or not?

    This is kind of relevant to my workflows where I frequently find myself using my laptop with a slower external drive and tons of files on the laptop and external drive until I can get home get everything organized and copy it over to my desktop system.

    When I'm travelling and doing a lot of filming and photography that's when I'm going to notice the difference on my laptop.

  24. So, my MBA M2 24 GB uses ~12 GB of RAM (~10 GB is app memory) just by having ONLY Safari open with 4 tabs of normal websites. Something can't be right with that?

  25. Can you please compare the M2 MacBook Air 16GB Ram with the M2 MacBook Air 24GB Ram?

  26. It would be great to see Android studio along with Xcode. Just a suggestion.

  27. Can you try doing tests with non-Adobe apps, as it looks as though that progam suite may not be as efficient on apple silicon as the other alternatives (Affinity Suite for instance). Also could you see how those two machines cope if you need to run a virtualised machine such as Windows. Please .

  28. You might notice the difference with larger or more complex projects in Final Cut. I had a project on the M1 Air 16GB that couldn’t export fully because of full ram (external plugins used too much), so I had to split and merge it. On the M1 Max with 64GB, the same project exported in just 3:30mins without any issues. So I‘s go for the 24GB on the Air just to be sure.

  29. Hot take, the fact that 8GB is even an option is disgusting. 8 these days is barely enough to run chrome with some side apps (adblocker etc.). Average people don't know any better to pay the $200 more, but never once have I shown someone the difference in speed (back when you could swap out ram on laptops) and not have their jaws drop bc they no longer had spinning wheel for 30 sec. to open up an old word doc. With modern OS's, 8gb will be obsolete in barely over 2 years when they release the newest OS that requires even more RAM to just run the OS.

  30. I have already max out the M2 Air
    8CPU 10GPU

    It is the same price as the 14" Macbook Pro M1 base model…
    If I just chose Macbook Pro 14 base model it will be a much better upgrade.

    Better speaker
    Better display
    Better cooling
    Better CPU
    Better Speed of SSD
    Better Speed of RAM

    Cons being:
    Fan Noise
    PWN from display
    Lesser ram 24gb vs 16gb
    Lesser storage 1tb vs 500gb
    Speaker grill needs cleaning

    Which one would you take?
    As someone sensitive to PWN. I am finding it a little difficult to use the Macbook pro in low brightness as it activates a lot of PWN . Forcing me to use a lamp in low light environment to diffuse the light source to comfortable levels.

  31. Thank you for making this comparison, would love to see a comparison between the M2 MacBook Air 24 GB RAM vs M2 MacBook Pro 24 GB RAM

  32. If you spend the extra money for the 24GB RAM it is not really far away from the 14' MacBook Pro so I would rather go with this, if I had the money, then with the 24GB M2 Macbook Air.

  33. As a student, I cant imagine needing that much horsepower, but the fact that I can get it is really nice.

  34. my 512 ssd lasted exactly 6 years in my late 2015 iMac. I ran 24gb memory.

  35. If you are keeping this for over 3 years and are a power user – get 24gb. Will give you at least another 18 months of usable performance over 16Gb. Basically, software always increases its memory use over the years.

  36. Weird to see the Touch Bar, I kinda forgot about the 13º MBP

  37. Luciano Barros de Abreu

    These comparisons are great!!!

  38. The title is wrong I think it is mentioning MacBook Air while the video is comparing mbp….

  39. Cool

  40. Weerayut Amphaiwikrai

    Very informative. I love your review! Thanks.