How to use your iPad as a document camera with Zoom

This quick video walks through how to use your iPhone or iPad as a document camera with Zoom for when you are working with students in a virtual environment. This virtual option was originally created as an alternate way to administer Math Recovery assessment tasks with screened collections; however, this virtual option can be used anytime you need a document camera while working with students in a virtual environment.

Materials Required:
iPad or iPhone
Adjustable iPad or iPhone Stand
Charging cable

Plug charging cable plug into laptop and device
Open Zoom
Click Share Screen in Zoom
Select iPhone/iPad via Cable option
Make sure ‘Share computer sound’ and ‘Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip’ checkboxes are marked
Click Share
On device, select Trust This Computer notification when it pops up
On device, select the camera app
Remember the camera is reversed, keep in mind how students view it.

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  1. Eleanor Smith-Litt

    So, you cannot use a separate document camera with the iPad 5th only? You have to have a Mac Book Pro

  2. Hi! Where did you find the stand?

  3. Also looking for the stand.

  4. Can you post the link for the iPad stand please?