M2 MacBook Air vs M1 vs M1 Pro

M2 MacBook Air in two configurations compared to the M1 Pro MacBook Pro and the M1 MacBook Air in Python single core and multi-core tests.

Get CPU/GPU temperatures and fan speed control on your Mac:

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  1. Hello) Can you please say about difference of battery life on macbook pro m1 pro 14 и macbook air m2? I want to know what will be better for php programmer to work out of home. I don't know if it will be more comfortable to take macbook air m2 if i will be use docker, phpstrom, google and dbeaver. Maybe it will be the same because air has't active cooling system but has less battery capacity.

  2. Interesting isee the MBA m1 is faster than m2! In the last test

  3. thetellerofstories

    Hi , I own a M1 macbook pro 13 inch with 8‑core CPU, 8‑core GPU , but i am thinking of buying M2 macbook air . But will it be really faster than my current machine as m2 air only has 7 GPU cores compared to 8 GPU cores on m1 13 pro , a slower ssd and no fan. Should I upgrade?

  4. If I’m just new to all this do I need to future proof ? I don’t know what MacBook to get . I like the iMac 24” and new air but stupid money. What spec should i look forward to

  5. Víctor Daniel Hernández Arzola

    I’ve been waiting for these tests for a long time! thanks you Alex!

  6. This is a "like" after hearing Python, much better than those Final Cut Pro/Adobe reviews!

  7. Nicolás Wernli

    Would be great to see an elixir test

  8. wow this is very nice review, what a nice Macbooks btw

  9. Alex, slightly irrelevant, but are you wearing pants? 🤔

  10. Which app do you use to monitor the temperature? Thank you

  11. Hi, can you recommend external cooler for macbook air m1? and does it work?

  12. Amirhossein Razavi

    Love you man❤️ from Iran
    I'm wait for m2 max for machine learning

  13. Single Threaded test graph at 10.04 is labelled Multi-Core Result?

  14. Khanh Nguyen Ngoc

    Hi Alex, for python, you might try to compile python with optimization (it's ./configure –enable-optimizations in cpython source code). It improves about 10% of performance on mandelbrot on my Ryzen and almost nothing on my Macbook Pro.

  15. Fun seeing these results. Just wait for October

  16. It would be nice, if you do an all-in-one video, taking all the benchmarks of all of your tests, comparing them, and maybe analyzing, which mac is "best" for which task, also taking into account the price. Tbh, if you are not encoding videos or doing music stuff, I think the MacBook air is still enough for most of us. Only if you need 16" the display could make a difference. Who cares if a compilation run of language XYZ takes 2:30 instead of 3:10, or whatever unless you do 10 times per hour…

  17. Alex, please consider adding your Mac Studio to the results from time to time. It's amazing how fast this machine really is on some tasks. The Mandelbrot on my M1 Ultra

    time python3 test.py 16000 > /dev/null
    python3 test.py 16000 > /dev/null 323.73s user 2.43s system 1968% cpu 16.572 total

  18. Alistair Baretto

    Tested the mandlebrot benchmark on my i7 12th laptop got a 23 second benchmark time.

  19. Rafał Dydkiem Machał

    I'm still not sure if these performance gains are worth MASSIVE price bump. We don't compile big portions of code that often.

  20. Can you do this with 3.10?? It’s much faster then 3.8

  21. last time I take a bath was

    would u recommend a mba m2 8gb for a backend or fullstack stuff?

  22. Cristian Prado Mendez

    Hi, I’m currently studying a double degree in Spain, Computer Engineering + Mathematics. Actually, I’m using a MacBook Air i5 2015 xd. I think it’s time to change my apple device and I was between MacBook Air M2 or MacBook Pro M2, both with 512 GB SSD. I was wondering whether it is more than enough to buy the MacBook Air or I would need the cooling system MacBook Pro M2 has. I’ve already watched this video and I’m more than shocked with the speed difference between MBA i5 2017 and MBA M2. I can’t imagine with my MBA i5 2015. My idea is to keep this new MacBook until the end of my career, so I would need an expert opinion before buying it.

  23. Daves garage is a great channel

  24. Ablyakim Ablyalimov

    Please test the docker inside Linux virtual machine through parallels