Evolution of the MacBook (Animation)

How does Apple continue to evolve the MacBook into the thin and advanced notebooks they are today? Let’s find out, this is the Evolution of the MacBook!
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The new MacBook Pro:
Introducing the new MacBook Air :
October Event 2018 – Apple:
Apple Event – November 10:
Apple Event – October 18:
by Apple

Macintosh Portable:
by Wikipedia

Apple Macintosh Portable Start Up:
by Jason’s Macintosh Museum

The First Powerbook Commercial:
by 최종원

Macintosh PowerBook 100, 140, & 170:
by The Nostalgist

Macworld NY 1999:
Unibody MacBook Pro Introduction:
2nd Generation MacBook Air Introduction:
MacBook Pro with Retina Display Introduction:
2015 – MacBook Introduction:
by the unofficial AppleKeynotes channel

MacBook Pro – Reveal:
by MacBook Pro

Steve Jobs introduces the original MacBook Pro:
by SteveJobsArchive

The MacBook Air Intro:
by JoshuaG

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer:
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Trailer:
by PlayStation

Late 2008 MacBook Presentation:
by Jared Wesley

Gaming on a $200 MacBook :
by Austin Evans

The new MacBook Pro:
by Apple Singapore

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  1. Cheaper option: get an iPad with apple’s magic keyboard


    do an evolution of acer laptops

  3. Criscach Cachaña (Toadette120TC) / A GAIN

    Updated Nvidia graphics.

  4. Me watching this video from the M2 MacBook air.

    I don't mean any offense, it's clear that at the time the video was made, the M2 Mac lineup hasn't been released yet. This is just for joking purposes, no harm meant.

  5. if i had the money ill buy the macbook

  6. I just love Apple products. So elegant and so reliable.

  7. To think the MacBooks now costs what as much as the earlier models. $1899 back then & I’m sure that’s what the cheapest pro model costs approx. I’m the uk the cheapest MBP 14 Pro (base model) costs around £1735 – £1899 depending on where you shop (this doesn’t take discounts into consideration). They’re far more powerful today, than they what was around in the days of Mac’s. Goes to show fast & far we’ve come with computer tech.

  8. you would need 4 original macbook airs to beat macbook air 4 into a powdery pulp cause 1.83 x 4 i think is 7.32 with 8 gb of ram

  9. 14:15 as a Chinese that is true 😂

  10. Damn 1 megabyte man that shit was fast that was speed right there like for us that was crazy fast but now seeing computers these days, these are definitely a lot faster. Also, computers these days are a lot cheaper than that. If you saw people with them back then you would assume they are Ballers.

  11. iphone 3g

  12. iphone 2g

  13. iphone 3gs

  14. flatlife

  15. 20:12 Beluga Vibes

  16. InspectorDev’s

    My MacBook is so buggy

  17. Imagine how people would react to if someone put a nvidia gpu in a mac in 2022💀💀🤡

  18. 20:12 of literally all the music.

  19. Im actually downloading windows 11 watching this video!

  20. The only problem is you cannot play many games that you can on windows

  21. Carla Waggenspack

    There was a new MacBook Air in sometime in July 2022

  22. Sebastian Hernandez

    0:24 is there macbook made in 2015 i havent seen the hole video

  23. U guys deserve 10 million subs for all the hard you guys put into this

  24. pls do a evolution of nvidia gqu card

  25. I have MacBook Pro 2020 M1, Im happy.