Apple WWDC = RUINED! FIRST LOOK at EVERYTHING! iOS 16, Mac Pro, MacBook Air!

EP. 1139 – Apple WWDC = RUINED! FIRST LOOK at EVERYTHING! iOS 16, Mac Pro, MacBook Air!
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  1. It feels like these leaked materials r working against us 😅I’m sure if we all just had kept this to ourselves then they would’ve released the MacBook airs in the pastel colors ways with the white keyboard but now they just have silver, space gray, starlight(exactly the same as gold on iphone 13 pro) and blue(midninght blue)…. All with the same black keyboard layouts:(…. I’m 100%!that Apple leaks info on purpose so we would wait for stuff that does not come. Tho the pastel colors were soooo pretty 🥺🥺and the white keyboard 🤤🤤🤤….

  2. DAMN my man couldn’t even get the macOS name right,
    Clearly his career as a leaker is over months and months babbling on about a MacBook Air that was completely different
    How can he be so wrong?

  3. Still waiting for some kind of response or accountability after MONTHS AND MONTHS of you and Sam pushing dozens of videos on completely wrong and fake “leaks” about
    the new MacBook Air, 🟰White bezels? Light green? Blue? Wtf? Do you care nothing about your reputation ? ?

  4. Christopher Hamilton

    Mint Mobile is Awesome!

  5. iOS is so boring so many people are switching really ? Pls you know apple we don’t like stress and drama if it’s boring for you just switch and don’t stress us 😂 😂 apple haters comments are killing me 😂 😂 I love this comment ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ‘ and btw real apple users no the different iOS upgrades even if it’s very little since 6.

  6. Kind of embarrassed

  7. Glad to see so many of your rumours were wrong. So I can look forward to the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 with better optimism

  8. REALLY glad that your renders for the M2 MacBook Air were wrong and that someone at Apple had the good taste to NOT make the M2 MacBook Air in the toy-like pastel colors with white bezels like are shown in your renders – the same plastic-looking colors they used for the M1 iMacs that make them look cheap and cheesy.

  9. Can I set an alarm on my MacBook Air M1 with Ventura?
    Does anyone know if I would be able to run shortcuts to enable when I plug in my MacBook to charge it would say charging my MacBook Air ? Such as is this case I have set up a shortcut on my
    iPhone 12 to do just that ?

  10. Uhm after wwdc Monday, iOS 16 installed on my phone. Idk how but all the features are on my phone. And the version number says IOS 16.0

  11. I feel bad that his leaks weren’t accurate 😂he’s probably hiding in a cave somewhere

  12. OPUS Digital Audio

    The ports should be on the right, headphone jack on the left.

  13. Does anyone else have an MVNO and have issues with reliability/issues loading simple web pages when in an area that has moderate/a lot of people on the towers? This seems to be the biggest downfall to me with my MVNO. Almost makes me want to switch back to a bigger name company just to not have to deal with it.

  14. where was tvOS?

  15. MacBook Air looks horrible new color no!

  16. Sociedad Lectora Americana

    His predictions for IOS 16 were 100% accurate.

  17. You had everyone thinking we was getting colorful macbook airs lol smh

  18. Hey umm… watch the the new keynote look at the Apple Watch for the MacBook Air 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  19. Bye, every leak was wrong!

  20. No goggles 🥹

  21. ᛒ ᛁ ᚺ ዐ ᛒ ᛘ ᛇ 𐡋 𐌀 ᚱ

    Like this guy

  22. you really know nothing…. i know you since 2 years now and every leak was wrong

  23. Mac OS Ventura

  24. Its not macos mammoth ,,it's macos Ventura😂😂😂😂lol

  25. Humans die so much faster than the companies they made great smdh

  26. Get ready to fork out another $1k plus to keep up with the Jones’! 🙄

  27. When I imagined an interface tweaking and Jon said it wasn’t that, I had a sigh of relief.

  28. Love from Shanghai and communists also hates intel XD

  29. Your video came up a few times. I feel you don’t like apple but yet your making videos on it? Very pessimistic

  30. I don’t like your tone.

  31. Oooh yeah, It's got VR written all over WWDC

  32. Man am waiting for m2 and a magsafe port on m1 air

  33. Am I the only one here who don’t like the way he speaks ?

  34. This will make so many people uncomfortable lol

  35. No miniled monitor?)

  36. I so much want iPad OS 16 to improve and have proper desktop mode when docked like Chromes OS and DEX, making full use of M series iPad Pro underlying performance, such as multiple floating resizable windows, pro apps including virtual machine support, and proper extended monitor support. But I suspect this year's WWDC will be another damp squid, because Apple are primarily box shifters. I agree a M1Extreme makes no sense unless Apple significantly increase its clock speed to up single core performance. This will become Apple Silicon's Achillies heal unless Apple provides some single core performance differentiation across its processor tiers. This year's WWDC will be a watershed moment for me. I moved away from the Apple ecosystem in 2015 due to poor Mac hardware that wasn't keeping pace with its competitors. Apple silicon pulled me back. This year I may begin to drift away if iPad OS and Mac OS continue to lack lustre. iPad OS because it still leaves the iPad feeling like an oversized phone without voice calls. Mac OS because it still has no touch display or pen support unless you also purchase one of Apple's oversized crippled phones!

  37. mem mút

  38. Only commies like Intel really???

  39. Leak the event again plz

  40. And then Tim Cook sees these leaks and changes it all last minute (sneaky) 😹

  41. "you know who likes Intel? Communists!" 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Ive never seen a video saying absolutely nothing, thanks.