M2 Macbook Air 2022 – don't choose WRONG!

Should you buy the M2 Macbook Air or is the M1 Macbook Air still good in 2022? Which is better M1 or M2? Let’s do an M2 Macbook Air vs M1 Macbook Air comparison and find out which is best for you! Is the M2 Macbook Air worth the money?

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  1. Patrick Rambles

    🔥🔥🔥Hey guys, my custom wallpaper pack finally dropped 🥳🥳🥳 https://patrickrambles.gumroad.com/l/hkwta

  2. I have the (very) base model of the MacBook Pro 13“ 2017 with 2 USB C, 128 GB storage. No touchbar.
    As I still get along with that and want a new design, I will buy just the base model m2.

  3. Christoff Malone

    M2 is a weird lineup for now (especially thinking of the M2 MacBook Pro) … I am definitely waiting for the M2 Pro / M2 Max inside a MacBook Pro, and will continue to rock the M1 base model for now (which is another expense You convinced me to do … a GREAT machine) …
    Oh, so sorry, just saw the merch store now, and INSTANTLY ordered the black hoodie … can't wait for it now

  4. Hola Profesor Rambles, I got yesterday the new Macbook Air M2. I am totally in love with everything, fast, long lasting battery, awesome display. I have the dark one and looks so sexy! Only complaint I have is finger prints. I think I will use less my Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 or my Ubuntu or Chrome laptops. I edited some short video using LumaFusion and this machine flies. I did not try the M1 before but I was tossing between M1 and M2. What it gets me into M2 was not only the specs but also the colour. I don't like silver laptops. Adios, Jorge.

  5. I’ve used HP laptops for years I’m done with them, I do have iPhone11 and the iPad mini6 with that said I’m really interested in purchasing the MacBook M2 Air and getting on board with a Apple laptop using it for basic needs so thank you for you insight

  6. Would you recommend a Mac Book pro or air for a college student?

  7. The quality of your videos is absolutely insane. You deserve so many more subs !

  8. IMO, The M2 MBA is the perfect laptop for the casual user, the average user and someone who just wants to surf the net, watch YouTube, check emails, etc…There are many users like this and that is who this new M2 is for. Anybody who's a power user should never/would never consider a MBA
    So that's why I feel getting the 8GB, 256 is more than enough for the casual/average user. Or for anybody that has the 2017 or earlier MBA that is in need of a serious upgrade.
    I do agree the base price is not ideal but after all you are getting the M2, 1080P camera, 13.6 inch screen and the option of the Midnight or Starlight colors. Not bad, huh?

  9. Abdellah Ibrahim

    Just ordered it. Was a longtime pro user but this MacBook Air is perfect for my daily work use. For chilling, just like I do right now typing this comment, I go for my iPad Pro.

  10. Hello I had a query
    I wanna buy the new M2 air
    What's should I configure
    1. 10c 8gb ram 512gb
    Or 10c 16gb ram 256gb
    What should I upgrade please le me k….m really confused abt it??

  11. Rosli Shirlin Shoots

    I dont understand why apple introduce a new processor but making it slower with their decision on the ssd

  12. I’ve used a Dell XPS for some years now. I decided to go with the M2 air, to also go along with the rest of my apple products. I did the 16GB ram and upgraded storage, didn’t upgrade the GPU, so I came out at just over $1600, figuring this would last me for the next 4-5 years.

  13. how much

  14. zQUADED Cartoon

    Is it good to go with 16 gb ram and 256 gb ssd since you cant add ram later but buy an external ssd?

  15. I have an mf839 MacBook Pro. I5 intel core 128 with 8 gb of ram. It’s a dog now. It’s a heavy tank. Did some light edition but the moment you start that fan blows. Like a plane is taking off. With an altitude of 30 thousand feet in the air 😂😂😂😂😂😂. I will get the m2 air with 16gb of ram and 512 ram. Got that shiny Apple Card so let’s go.

  16. Would the M2 MacBook Air be good for school or should the MacBook Pro be better?

  17. Do you have thoughts about the 8 vs 10 core M2? I've heard that the M2 will be heat throttled so there's not much point paying for the extra 2 cores. What do you think?

  18. Nice thumbnail Patrick, nice video.

  19. Should I get the base model if I’m just editing photos and simple video editing rarely? Other times, I just use it for work, opening a couple of browsers and word, excel files at same.

  20. I'm just getting used to my M1 MacBook Air. I'm gonna hold out until I need to upgrade


  22. I really want that M2 MBA but I'm having trouble justifying it. Like you I have a Mac desktop that meets my power needs, and for a portable I've got a souped up mid 2012 MBP 13 (SSD, RAM, etc). It's slower, heavier, and MUCH older, but it still meets my traveling needs and it's got a lot more ports. But that shiny new MBA is so tempting. BTW, I like your content and presentation style so you've got a new subscriber.

  23. I have very basic needs so the base M2 model will be largely enough for me. I have an old Thinkpad I use for writing emails, watching videos and listening to music but it’s getting very slow, so I guess it’s time to replace it. I never had a Mac so it’s an opportunity to sink deeper into the Apple rabbit hole, plus that midnight blue looks fantastic.

  24. Mac air m2 fast charging 50% battery in 30 mins with magsafe was big why i got the m2 vs 14pro. I got 10core, 16gb ram, 512 memory starlight with intention to trade the m2 in sooner than later vs keeping it for a decade like did my last laptop. I do feel the 14 pro is better buy for same money in performance if you sit at a desk to work. But the color, mag charge, m2 chip are something will be holding off for future pro models to have before switching to the pro. Tbh I have to build the video editing skills yet to justify a pro because I edit all my videos on my iphone 12 pro max I don’t think neeeded a pro. Glad they do 14 days return in case its a bust.

  25. I have the base model M1 Air and I do love it, but I regret that I didn’t get more ram and storage. I also find the lack of a MagSafe charging port on the M1 really inconvenient. So I plan to get the M2 Air, with more ram and a bigger ssd. I could get a MacBook Pro for the same money, and I have had a Pro in the past. However, I don’t need a lot of horsepower for photo editing and graphics, and as a senior, I do need the light weight & portability of the Air. So I think a midrange M2 will be a perfect match.

  26. Dr. Robert Garmong

    My M1 is only about 15 months old, so it's surely got plenty of life in it. Performance-wise, the M1 chip is just fine for what I need. However, my 1 tb hard drive is already full, and 16 gb of RAM isn't enough when I've got multiple windows of multiple apps open. That, and the Magsafe charger freeing up one of the USB-C ports, would possibly tilt me over to buy an M2 Air. I'll probably hold my wallet for now, but I'm ever so slightly tempted.

  27. I want the M2 Air but I have the M1 Air 16GB 1TB and I can’t seem to justify the purchase 😩

    it’s mainly aesthetics and the magsafe port

  28. This machine is for people who want a great computer end of video

  29. It is incorrect to compare a maxed out m2 air to the price of the base m1 air. The difference is only $200, for which you get faster cores, faster memory, mag safe, and the new design. If I was interested in the air, that is a deal. If they had the rumored 15” air, I would be more tempted.

  30. I also ordered mine today! However 16 GB, 10 core, with 512 storage ❤️💻🙏🏻 in the midnight color. Shipping August 9th!
    Your videos really helped!

  31. Excellent video, as always! I’ve been using an M1 iPad Pro 12.9” + magic keyboard as a kind of laptop replacement for almost a year. I like how it’s worked, but still want to try the new M2 Air. I ordered the Midnight with 16GB/512GB. Paid more than I wanted, but that’s the way it is with Macs. If I don’t absolutely love the M2 Air, I’ll got..back to My iPad Pro setup. The new M2 iPad Pro might be the way to go if it really gets a 14” screen.

  32. Supasuoa Suoasupa

    Thank you for the review. I see many went with 16gb ram, being a potential first time apple macbook air user, is 16gb ram a must, or can i do just fine with 8gb of ram, the very base model with base storage.(planning to transfer or use external ssd if not enough). My task/usage usually are basic/average use 3d softwares like Maya or blender and using substance designer.

  33. I'm still waiting for the 27" iMac-

  34. xxriotgirl6669xx

    I got the 8GB 512SSD hope that’s ok for the sims 4 that’s really all I play on my computer. My Mac is 256GB n it was running it well but half my storage was being used.

  35. Nice video. I already have the 14 inch Pro, but I also love the Airs and couldn’t help myself so I ordered Midnight M2.

  36. 👏😎🇮🇪

  37. My use case is exactly as you defined it. I have a full spec Studio Ultra and needed some portability so I added the M2 fully speced MacBook Air to give me best of both worlds.