M2 MacBook Pro vs M1 Pro 14" MBP – The ULTIMATE Comparison!

Apple’s new M2 MacBook Pro is the cheapest way to get a MacBook Pro, but what exactly are you missing out on compared to the 14″ M1 Pro MacBook Pro? Let’s find out!
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In this video, we compare EVERYTHING between the M2 MacBook Pro and the 14″ M1 Pro MacBook Pro to find out what you sacrifice by going with the cheaper Pro, including the specs, design, speakers, microphones, cameras, displays, SSDs, benchmarks and real-world performance tests.

Timestamps ⬇️
M2 MacBook Pro vs M1 Pro MacBook Pro – 00:00
Specifications & Prices – 00:49
External/Design Differences – 01:35
Internal Differences – 03:28
Keyboards & Trackpads – 04:30
Speaker Comparison – 04:56
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 05:37
Display Comparison – 06:10
Blackmagic SSD Speed Test – 08:11
Geekbench 5 CPU – 09:14
Web Browsing Speed Test – 10:11
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU – 10:44
3DMark Wild Life Extreme – 11:05
Cinebench R23 + Thermals – 11:34
Xcode Programming Benchmark – 15:05
Logic Pro Music Production – 15:37
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 16:42
Affinity Photo GPU & CPU – 18:48
Photoshop Photo Editing – 19:05
4K HEVC Video Editing – 19:39
ProRes Video Editing – 20:58
8K Canon RAW Video Editing – 22:29
Battery Life Comparison – 25:52
Which Mac Should YOU Buy? – 26:39

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  2. The m2 design looks like the Ti MacBook Pro.

  3. Seriously. From the beginning of the test you favoured the 14". It's not a test it's a confirmation video of your preference

  4. 24:55 Bro turns on 8k video render and wonders why the cheaper macbook is bad

  5. Lawrence Andrews

    No oled display= trash

  6. The 14” MBP model is the better machine but the 13” MBP is not a bad choice if all you want is the base configuration, the only thing that bothers me is that Apple removed the Touch Bar on the new models, yes I know most people don’t care about it but I love it.

  7. not much fair of a comparison considering the humongous difference in specs, in all aspects ram, SSD, processor. It like comparing a base Honda civic against the Civic type R and getting surprise one is faster than the other.. who does this video even exist.?

  8. WOW, Max! You're beyond Amazing…

  9. Akbar Ali Chowdhary

    Very very disappointed. With all the hassle and pain of shifting entire system to a different architecture we ended up right where we said good bye to Intel. Overheating and Throttling.

  10. I will go for 13”, being smaller, slimmer and lighter is better for me. I’ll use it for web development and i will need a 27” monitor either way. So better to be lighter and slimmer. That’s what i think

  11. Gosh that ugly notch on a $1200++ machine. Total dealbreaker. Is that the best design solution Apple could come up with! Next 3 years.. new MBP with 15% smaller NOTCH ! ! 10% CPU bump..

  12. Got my mbp 14 16g 512g for 1500$ new! Yay amazon black friday…


    So it seems the MBP 14" M1 is a better buy over the M1 MBP 13". I'm headed to Costco tomorrow to buy the MBP M1 for $1599..00. I was hoping to wait next year for Apple to release the M2 on the MBP 14". I assume, had Apple put an M2 in the 14" MBP, it'd be faster that a 14" MBP with M1, correct? With a $400 savings, I'll settle for the 14" MBP with M1. I'm upgrading from a 2011 MBAir.

  14. Glad I found this video beforehand…

  15. Harrison Kevin Manase

    thanks for always including Xcode, this was great

  16. Sticking with M1 Pro. Absolutely hate new design, but M2 isn't meant for old chassis.

  17. What if you're not using these machines for video editing or other CPU or RAM-eating apps, portability factor, and are on a budget

  18. Jace'sFunkyFace

    I love the 14 inch macbook pro however the ghosting on this beautiful mini-led screen is just horrendous!

  19. Michael Bouckley

    The real difference on M2 is the SSD & the missing chip on 256Gb SSD models, Air too. Buying a 512Gb SSD recommended, and maybe more Unified RAM, as, on the 8Gb, memory swapping is slow on the 256Gb SSD.

  20. Sorry but new design isn’t really good.

  21. Christopher Martin

    M2… the ultimate web browsing macbook. 😀

  22. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?!? what program does he use to get these temperature and fan speed metrics?

  23. this video is so thorough it literally answered all my questions about which laptop to get

  24. Great video, what's the wallpaper used on the right laptop at 9:15? 😛

  25. In short: M1 Pro is much better than M2

  26. 16:34 M1 pro is better

  27. 15:21 Xcode Benchmark!!
    M1 is better!!!!!

  28. Never had a Mac before so I’m kinda lost as to why the new m2 pro isn’t a replacement for the m1pro ?

  29. Beatriz Maria Mendez

    if you are seeing this video today, I just found a great discount on Amazon for the M1Pro. I bought this one on Apple Store and I returned it the same day, waiting for the new M2Pro but the price today on Amazon made me buying the M1Pro. Today is 1599.

  30. Marc-Anthony Bauer

    Do you know if it is possible to add NAND/M.2 SSDs to the empty slots on the 14" model? If so, are there additional screws to secure the additional SSDs?

  31. I got the M2 mbp with 8gb. It is the single worst piece of new tech I've ever purchased. It is beyond me why Apple would release this product. Shameful. The thing can't even handle internet research for school.

  32. 25:21 In my opinion Apple M2 does not need a better cooling system. The problem is that fan in this machine turns on really late. Maybe if fan turns on sooner before CPU gets warmer, there would be no thermal issue.

  33. Hello everyone!
    I am seeking for help…
    I am starting a Youtube Channel and I would like to improve my editing and channel quality to sum up. For me the keys are: I will use only 4k video and have a drone with prores(mini 3 pro) and I will use Final Cut Pro.
    Do you think I will have enough with the 13' 16GB RAM and 512GB?or Should I go for the 14'?
    Thanks for your help!

  34. Richard Martinez

    Do you think the new M2 MacBook Pros will be worth waiting for after the October announcements? I’m contemplating picking up a M1 pro MacBook Pro now. What’s the longevity of the MacBook 14 M1 pro at this point?