13" MacBook Pro M2 REVIEW – SKIP This One!

Here’s the new 13″ MacBook Pro with M2. It unfortunately still has the same 6 year old chassis and comes in at a higher price point than the new MacBook Air which is coming next month. Skip this one if you can!

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  1. This laptop is a bit of an odd one. Def wait for the new MacBook Air that’s coming in a couple weeks. My unit is en route so make sure to sub if you already haven’t and Iemme know if you wanna see a comparison. Enjoy!

  2. Vanessa Correal

    Heyyy, I am using a 2014 macbook air with 4 gb ram and 128 gb… And I want to upgrade. I’m a nursing student so I use my computer for typing, research, entertainment and browsing… I don’t think buying the MBP M1 pro is worth it because of the price. But I am considering the MBP M2 because of the cooling system and I don’t really mind the older design or the 720p camera as it is going to be better than what I am used to anyway. I want performance over looks. On the other hand, the MBA M2 seems like a good option. But i tend to open multiple tabs at the same time and I have read that it gets hot and slower with tabs open. It scares me. What do you think ?

  3. Gilberto Fernandes Junior

    Nice video! I will be using a mac for coding and heavy photoshop/illustrator use. Air M2, pro M2 (8gb or 16gb?) ou M1 Pro? I can’t decide oO

  4. Comparing the base13 M2 with the base 14 pro is unfair, we are talking about 1k CAD difference its a whole MacBook Air in between in price. its the same as comparing a base spec vehicle and comparing against a top tier fully loaded. It's even worse when you say "are you looking for a pro lap top just spend 5-6k on a 16 inch fully loaded. LIKE WTF?? Even if you sup up the 13 PRO with 512SSD and 16gb RAM it will still cost substantially less than the 14 pro. In other words the only fair comparison is the AIR m2 and even then there are important differences and user focus points that might guide the decision.

  5. No usb port is a no go for me! Since I’m a music enthusiast and would like to listen to my iem and headphones with a dac amp

  6. While it makes little sense on paper – the 13 mbp is actually a best choice for some use cases, and coding is one of them.

    For me for example – I just use macbooks as a mobile development lab, with built in UPS. I lug it around with me, and when I get where Im going, I just plug it in to a screen + hub + keyboard and get to work. Dont care about the screen, the keyboard, or the camera on the laptop. Just need fingerprint ID, something as small and light as possible, with good thermals and predictable performance. The 14 is beautiful, yes … but its another $1000 for a screen that I rarely look at, and extra performance that isnt going to get used that much, and a bit of extra bulk that I dont need.

    Turn the machines over for a newer model every couple of years, and that extra $1000 adds up. I spend that much on keyboards alone !

    The Air is better in every way for the price, except for that little thing about throttling to cool it down. When coding, predictable is good … if the machine performance goes up and down as it gets hot, that can be really distracting when you are trying to debug and squeeze out performance issues in your code. Thermal throttling is just another variable that can do your head in.

    The extra performance in an M1 Pro or Max (or Ultra) chip isnt going to help me code any faster – sad but true. I also code in the dark, so the touchbar is a nice feature when Im in the batcave.

    So there you go – I WANT a MacStudio Ultra + a maxxed out 16 mbp + a maxed out 14 mbp .. and an M2 Air for the sheer niceness of it. But a 13 mbp ugly duckling is a sensible choice unfortunately.

  7. For someone who’s looking at a better performance and normal usage than the new m2 air who don’t want spend another 6/700 bucks I think this m2 pro is better… It’s the same price as m2 air 🤷‍♂️

  8. This is odd, i actually liked it over tje 14" pro. I'm new to apple and really thinking about getting this but after this video, I'm 2nd guesing it. As a photographer looking for something that can handle my large files and videos, i fell in live with the touch bar. It seemed useful to cull through the pics and for scrubbing through video. The 14" is a blah looking laptop. Am i going to be teased for having this. I was thinking of moving into apple but i might have to go back and find a comparable non-apple laptop. Any recommendations?

  9. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Dumbarse m2 mbp is better the m2 mba.

  11. Let see, M2 MacBook Pro, active cooling, no notch, 67 watt PS, Touch Bar, silver that looks silver, two more GPU cores, hmmmm. Oh yah, the same price, actually 1149 on Amazon, same day delivery. I will pass on the notch, cheaper power supply, worse overall and not a pro. I almost forgot, bigger battery….M2 Air, not.

  12. Findley Bingham


  13. Please give it away to me pretty please

  14. I'm watching why is shouldn't buy the m2 pro on my m2 pro

  15. chickennuggets964

    Me watching this from my new macbook pro 🕴🏼

  16. Which one will be best for office work? Mackbook pro or Air

  17. I’m a student. Should I get this since it’s cheaper????? Please answer quickly I gotta make a decision.

  18. I like the design of the MacBook pro 13 more than the design of the MacBook air and pro 14, 16. And I also love the Touch Bar.

  19. Tarık Çinetçi

    i ll buy new macbook but i am confused about what should i buy new m2 air or pro I need help karl i hope u see this comment Im a musician so should i buy pro

  20. My wife had a 2016 MacBook pro and she just upgraded. I recommend the M1 14” to her but she was like “The M2 woudl be better, right ? Also it’s cheaper “ So my nerdy ass had to explain why the older M1 14” was better because of the redesign and explain the extra $600 cost because the new one was just a recycled 2016 model and reused boxes and yadda yadda. She gave me the 🤨 and ended taking my advice. Luckily it was price dropped for $1799 at Best Buy so a little less of a blow and sold the old 2016 model to a family memberfor $300 . So it all worked out.

  21. There’s a lot of bots in this comment section @Karl Conrad

  22. Going with the M1 MBA! I still prefer the wedge styled mac. 💻

  23. I'd definitely go for the 13.6" MacBook Air M2(add a few specs. ofcourse) in that new midnight color over the 13" MacBook Pro M2.

  24. I'd definitely go for the 13.6" MacBook Air M2(add a few specs. ofcourse) in that new midnight color over the 13" MacBook Pro M2.

  25. Lucas DeJager Outdoors

    Is the possibly re-used box an attempt from apple to reduce waste recycle?

  26. I’ll preface this with I’ve own a 14” M1Pro since November. And while initial thoughts would be I agree, there’s reviews showing the 13 M2 destroying Dell XPS 13”. So, like anything, it’s very specific to your workload, business, software use, how much you multitask, etc..