The Return of the King! 14” MacBook Pro Long-Term Review

I’ve been using the Macbook Pro as my main work computer everyday for the last 6 months, and through such prolonged use I’ve really been able to develop some longer term perspectives.

Today i’m going to share my experience of using this laptop and establish how well I think it meets my needs as a full time creative professional.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Which version should you buy?
00:45 Fast charging & battery
01:12 Why I chose the 14″ version
01:36 M1 Pro Performance
03:33 Thoughts on the new design
03:55 Ports overview
04:09 The return of Magsafe
04:36 ProMotion Display
05:30 The problem with HDMI 2.0
07:15 Keyboard layout
07:30 Closing thoughts
08:03 Outro

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  1. This macbook is great, but its battery doesn't last long… I still dont know ehay the best way to charge my macbook. Opinion on internet differs… Keep it plugged in 24/7 ? Some says yes some no… Shut it down or not? Some says yes some no… I jave no idea what to do in that scenarios… Its my first macbook btw…

  2. i think you are alone in the magsafe thing. the vast majority of folks have been bitching since apple first removed magsafe…. there's no reason not to have it. they literally took away a good feature.

  3. Great video! After more than a year use, how are you finding the scratches and finger prints on the space grey? I like the space grey but heard so many people talking about scratches, fingerprints and colour fading. anyone have any opinions?

  4. Nice office. Which external display are you using there?

  5. MotoTravel Vlogger

    Can u please confirm shall there be any drasticall difference in 8 core and 10 core in tackling video editing software. Is it good to go with 8 core 32GB rather than 10 core 32 GB.

  6. Wallpaper?

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  8. But I thought people love USBc as the unified standard? Why suddenly HDMI is good? Maybe time to ditch all the HDMI monitors and make them USBc?


  9. I'm no video expert, but your videos are fantastic. The videos of the MacBook are wooow! Love it! It just looks so good

  10. new M1 MacBook Pros – "16" and 14" tonight. The body is squared off and thicker than my 2019 MBP. WHAT??? And it feels cheap, not like the former Airplane Grade aluminum. You knock on it and it feels hollow-ish. And the bottom feet are harder than previous models, almost like a cell phone case that is hard plastic and sort of hits the desk too hard. I am pretty disappointed. Why, Apple, Why?

  11. Thanks for the review, which office chair are you using, looks really nice

  12. I have a M1 Max pro but i get only 6 hours Screen on time? Is this expected or lower?

  13. It’s very annoying that you can’t do 120hz on external

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  15. Just ordered this with the upgraded 32gb ram and 1tb ssd will be my main laptop hopefully for 6/7 plus years

  16. OPUS Digital Audio

    I will never understand a 14” MacBook Pro compared to 16”. I get a 12”, but the claims the 16” isn’t portable but 14” is are delusional.

  17. I was very excited to see MagSafe come back.

  18. Where can I find that wallpaper?

  19. how much ram do you have in your macbook?

  20. If your eyes can bear it, I suggest maximizing the screen resolution size, scale it for more content. It can be set in the display preferences. I've been using it like that and I'm lovin' it haha

  21. I had Macbook Pro 2011 (Late Oct model) last me for 8 years, but I switched to a Lenovo i9 in 2020 because I just thought they were getting too expensive and with Windows you can get quadruple the RAM (64-bit) and the same or more cores for the same amount as a Macbook.

    I kinda laugh at people talking about Apple's new chips…Intel's new 12th Gen chips and Ryzen's 6000 series blow Apple's silicon out of the water. For perspective Intel's 12th Gen i5-12600H is the same specs but is faster with more cores as Apple's M1 Max… All Ryzens 7,9's and Intels'm 7 and 9's are faster that Apples', so I'm waiting for the AMD 7000 series in September and then see how fast the 'real' M2 Pro and M2 Max chips are in 2023, before I decide to go back to Macbooks.

  22. Do you have the 144Hz variant of LG display?

  23. You missed a trick there… “Return of the Mac”.

  24. My old Thunderbolt Display 2014 is still working with this mac as well. Glad
    To see they are still supporting it.

  25. I’m glad to have mag safe but you think they could just design a cord that disconnects if tripped in terms of usb C. Like the original Xbox controllers with their trip disconnect.

  26. I’m torn between the m2 air and the m1 14” or waiting for the m2 14” that could happen in October. I currently have a M1 Max 14” ordered for delivery in 2 more weeks but now after your video that may be too much and with a new possibility in a month is it going to be dated so soon?


  28. I need a macbook I'm stuck between m2 air and m1 pro, I need just for regular computing ,chrome, mail, Web, etc which one to get??