iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro – A Winner Emerges

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  2. Your content was truly helpful. I am in the process of launching my 3D modeling business and this gave me full clarity on my decision!

  3. Basically get both then

  4. The best thing ever is the combination of the two. I need both of them in my workload. I take all my notes and read the papers I need on the iPad Pro while I do all my coding on the 14" MacBook Pro. Also, sidecar is the best thing ever. Having a second screen for your Mac anywhere you go is just perfect!
    The thing to note here is that while I do take advantage of a the power of the MacBook, I don't really count on the iPad for heavier workflows. I tried to, I actually planned to completely switch to the iPad before I bought my current Mac, but I very quickly realised that while it might be possible, it would very severely handicap my workflow and make me have to find workarounds all the time. So, I ended up getting the Mac and don't regret it a bit. And the final nail in the coffin is that while I would not consider downgrading the computer, the iPad Pro I use is a 2015 12.9". I planned to upgrade to the M2 12.9", but I realised that since it is only used for basic stuff there is no reason to upgrade. I am planning to keep the 2015 iPad Pro for at least another year. But I know that after having tried the combo of both iPad and Mac Pro, I am not going back. A workflow that has both of these is vastly superior to one that doesn't.

  5. I use a combo of the 12” M2 iPad Pro and 14” M1 MacBook Pro and they both work seamlessly for me.

  6. I do a fair bit of video publishing nowadays. I could not live with out my Mac Book Pro mid 2015 brought in 2016. My I pad was the first gen with lighting connection but I will update it later this year. All my work is done on my Mac so will always have one. I like the i pads due to there flexibility. So update one ? 100 % My Mac book pro ( when its needed ) My I pad will get a upgrade first mind. Good video mind !

  7. Thank you so much for this video. Thank you for your candor ! This was super helpful.

  8. People complain about the weight carrying a pro around mean while an hour later they bench pressing 4 plates at the gym

  9. iPad Pro is more for fun while being able to do some serious work. Mac is more for getting serious things done but still being able to have some fun.

  10. Chris said it perfectly: an iPad Pro can do a lot of things, but a MacBook Pro can do a few things really well. Because I have a powerful PC, I got a 12.9 iPad with a keyboard and I love it!

  11. hey daily tekk. i guess mobile gaming and storage is my main thing. great video btw.

  12. Im starting vet school next year and I’m not sure which to get. Any opinions ?

  13. Tom’s Video Collection

    each product is good for different reasons. The iPad Pro is really good for social media stuff. The Mac is better at everything else. But, social media is very important now. I'm struggling to see if I need a MacBook Pro. I have a studio and iPad Pro now. for my photo editing, I usually go right to me iPad Pro. But, I go to my Mac if need more powerful stuff done. I had a MacBook Pro, but sold it a bit ago. I'm trying to see if I should get a new one.

  14. I say you buy both!!!!!
    If you can
    If you shan’t
    If you can afford it
    If it’s available

  15. If you’re using one for business, I’d go for both and couple them

  16. Maybe someone on here can help me out. I just recently change from android to Apple iPhone 14 pro max and so far after 2 months on using it I love it !. The only downside for me would be the music. Which leads to my main question. If I want to get something to use only photos , videos and music would the iPad be a good choice or would the Mac be better ?. For photos and videos it would just be for editing nothing professional just for me. And for music it wouldn’t be for professional either it’s just for me. Overall music is very important to me. If anyone can help that would be great cause I am debating on which one to buy.

  17. What about using the ipad for most remote applications, logging back in to your desktop Mac using Chrome Remote Access (or a paid service like Splashtop) getting you the best of both worlds? There are times and situations where even the laptop is not as versatile or lightweight enough. Do you see any limitations to that plan?

  18. If the MacBook was touch screen and the screen would pop off like a tablet, it would be superior.

  19. I avoid this whole thing by getting a Surface Pro or Studio. Apple requires me to pay for Terri devices for what I can do with one. At the cheapest the apple solution macbook air plus base ipad is at least $500 more

  20. There is another perspective, the case where one uses both devices together. I have a tech business in which I use Solidworks via Parallels and a number of other Mac only programs. There are tasks which can be fulfilled on both iPad and Mac but are easier on a Mac, such as composing more complex Pages documents that contain images and spreadsheets. That said, the Solidworks output can be viewed and the Pages documents can be edited or marked up in situations where an iPad is much more convenient to use. I have settled on desktop Macs at my work and at home but use my iPad Pro when out of the office. Some programs such as Shapr3D have reached a level of usability on iPad that surpass the desktop experience. Who would have thought a couple of years ago that some 3D modelling work using an iPad could be better than on a Mac? The trick is to set up stands and hubs at the offices that make it quick and easy to connect the iPad and to organise workflow so that you don’t expect too much of either product. I find it better not to use keyboard cases with my iPad. The keyboards generally provide a relatively poor typing experience and they encourage the user to think of the iPad as a laptop replacement which it definitely is not. Much better to think of the iPad as en extension of the Mac desktop and learn to use its strengths as a portable device.

  21. Hugo Ristedoc Espadas Morán

    Great advice!

  22. this is way simpler than you are making it. the only question that matters is "do you need a digitizer". i do because I draw. none of you video editors need one. why would you ever buy an ipad to edit videos or write code? it would be stupid. lemme just use dis apple pencil to edit dese 5 million lines of code. GOTEM

  23. Most people do not care-on the road all then time and an iPad makes more sense like 1+1=2

  24. If ipad pro had the pen I'd be sold. They really need to combine the two devices IMO

  25. Unfortunately Apple will not allow the ipad pro to reach its full potential. It should be able to run mac OS in full

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