2022 MacBook Air M2 – DEBUNKED!? 2 Weeks Later BRUTALLY HONEST

It’s time to DEBUNK every lie around the 2022 MacBook Air M2 and get BRUTALLY HONEST as usual…enjoy
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  2. Hie. Would you recommend buying a MacBook Air m2 or m1 pro for an archicad user?

  3. The m1 pro macbook pro is on sale @ bestbuy for 1599 right now. Son……lol. You went out like one…. I like your channel though.

  4. I like ur energy and presentation.. I needed someone from the urban community to enlighten me🫶🏽 besides all these other channels which are great resources also. But I feel you on everything u say bout benches —I got the 14inch base model I think I’m happy with it with my ameteur editing. And nice to have Mac air m1 on the side..subbbbed✅

  5. Jorrell Vicencio

    I’m planning on switching from Windows to Mac. I’ve been debating whether to get Macbook Air M2 or wait for Macbook Pro 14 M2 when it comes out in 2023.

  6. William Balajadia

    CJ You are amazing man. Thank you for this unbiased review. Keep it up!😊

  7. I’m a student and i really need it but I don’t have money 💵 to buy even lower mondel … but I’m watching your videos 😊 give me one m2 air bro

  8. Thank you for your awesome vid, great info. Cheers

  9. Alberto Flores-Bermudez

    Down to earth review, period.

  10. The YouTube tech Bubble is getting as bad as the YouTube politics bubble. Everyone is repeating everyone else. I sometimes think that the first person to get a video out sets the tone for everyone who follows. (Phone Call interrupts comment)… OK. Where was I. Oh yeah… So they all seem to read from the same script.

    I just want to slap some of them and scream "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RENDER 8K VIDEO WITH THAT COMPUTER?!?!"

    Another thing… YouTubers think that every piece of tech introduced by Apple is some how supposed to be targeted at making YouTube Videos! They forget they are a tiny niche at best of Apple's PRO customers, with a singular requirement.

    I'm compiling a massive database of legal documents for a client, then creating an index so that they can search for any word in the entire 9 terabytes of documents. I'm on MBP M1 Max. I wouldn't try this on the M2 MBAir.

    There are all kinds of professionals out there. Not just video editors.

  11. Karrington Robinson

    So refreshing to get a honest opion about the M2 Mac air I'm a regular laptop user and I watched a few videos on YouTube to get different perspectives about this device and they almost convinced me not to buy it until I saw your review continue to keep it real Bro thanks a million #NewSub 👏👏👏👍

  12. Gear, Stuff and Things

    Appreciate your honesty

  13. CJ, this is my first youtube comment. My google and youtube threads had me thinking I goofed and the M2 Air , this video actually relieved some stress. I learned a valuable lesson in how algorithms and feeds can send you down a dark hole. All of the articles and videos I saw led me to believe I made a poor decision. You got me back to being excited about the purchase I made, which I also need it to function well as it will be my primary work and school laptop. You may have this video, but an idea for you would be a debunk video that shows macs can't be used for a work application. I'm a consumer who prefers using a mac, hears all the people that say I shouldnt use it for work, or they dont, and continue to use mac anyway as my primary device anyway. I have an 2017 Macbook Pro 8GB. My new work workflows cratered the operating ability of the computer. I went with a 16GB standard SSD, hoping it can run teams, word, excel, google, powerpoint, some other apps all at once. Apple wasn't that great in answering whether I'd be good with what I got. I would trust your opinion and evaluation of whether the M2 Air can do what I'm hoping it to do.

  14. Hadassah Queen O

    Great REAL video 1000!

  15. guadalupe martinez

    Thank you, for keeping it real! I like channels like this 😊 definitely subscribed

  16. I originally bought the M1 Macbook Air as a stop gap–I was waiting for the M2 version, but the price point isn't justified. My M1 MBA cost $899–the M2 MBA isn't $300 better. Especially with an ssd that's half the speed. You're welcome to your opinion, but those are the facts.

  17. I absolutely agree with you. I do not see problems with slower base SSD speeds as most users will never notice. Sure there are YT channels which will demonstrate "light" use, opening browser with few tabs following Lightroom… How many users know what Lightroom is and how many users who know what LR is really using it. Normal user will take shoot on phone and post to social networks, with maybe some crop or filter applied by build in photo app. I even do not edit my vacation or family trip photos, except some auto color levels corrections and crops. Same for overheating and thermal throttling when you run some unrealistic scenarios.How many users renders 3D or encode videos that often that they losing lot of time to do another paid project.

    I currently rocking M1 MBA for 1,5yr. Firstly I got base model, I do not buy it but rent it as I was not sure if I will be able to live with MacOS after 20yrs with Windows. I realized that I can, and from 6 months with base model I was sure that it is enough for my work, even with few video edits in Davinci, some PHP and Java coding. But it used swap mostly permanently, usually under 1GB, but sometimes it goes up to 2-3GB. So I decided to return my rented base model and I bought 16GB model with 256GB drive. I was looking for 512GB SSD, I do not really need it (150GB free right now), at that time there was 100 bucks off for 16/256GB model so I accept that discounted price over bigger SSD

    That M1 is still more than I really can utilize with my most intensive workload, it sits at idle most of time

  18. Is it thicker or heavier than the base model or is it the same?

  19. My man, you are the real reviewer
    Thanks a lot for your amazing work. I love that you care more about spreading the truth than to get clicks 🫶
    There’s is sadly to few YouTubers like you so keep on what you doin 💪💻

  20. Outstanding! thank you! Before viewing your prior video on the M2, I was leaning towards the MBP- based on Youtube reviewing. Thanks to you, I did go with the M2~ I love it! I got the 8-Core CPU 10-Core GPU- 16GB/1TB . I went with the 1TB so I do not have to worry about storage.

  21. I have a question. How well do games run on the M2? All I want to play is Sims 4, League of legends, and Roblox with my little cousin 😂😂😂

  22. new subscriber from Uganda here… thought i give u ur flowers

  23. Is MKBHD wrong? He recommended upgrading to 512gb SSD if I'm not wrong.

  24. I think it honestly comes down to perspective and expectation.

    I think the way to look at this is like buying a car. If the expectation of a person buying an Crossover is trying to win on a drag strip, expectations are out of alignment.

    In all reality this is a better buy if the M1 MBA no longer was being sold.

  25. CJ, you can't imagine how much I was looking for this kind of review. There has been such an insane amount of negative reviews. And I think that most of them where based on the fact that, like you mentioned (nailed it), people are trying to get a Pro out of an Air. I don't remember "experts" being so hellbent on pushing to the M1 MBA to its limits. They were just too busy being blown away of the huge difference in performance from previous Intel generations. The problem with the M1 MBA or with the other M1 chips (PRO, MAX, ULTRA) was that it was so damn good and in a way so ahead of its time, that after two years it's still an incredibly capable machine. So capable that Apple is having real problems in trying to make something better, something that outdoes the M1 chip. That's why the M2 chip is only slightly better than the M1 chip. I think that if Apple, like they've done in previous occasions, had upgraded and redesigned the MBA and maintained the same price, it would have been an outer success. I get there are quite some improvements over the M1 MBA, but that's because technology has evolved, and that's why Apple has been able to keep the price in the past, every time they've upgraded their computers. Anyway, I have had my 2012 MBA for almost 10 years, and I was waiting for the comeback of the MagSafe. That's why the M1 MBA was ALMOST the perfect option for me. I was really excited when the M2 MBA came out. And since for my job, I do a lot of video-conferences, the improvement in the webcam, mics and speakers where a big deal for me. But with all the bad reviews I started to wonder, if getting the M2 MBA would be a mistake and I should go for the M1 MBA. All this issues with the Midnight color, worse speakers, worse keyboard, worse heat dissipation, the slower SSD (although that wouldn't affect me because I am planning on getting a 16GB/1TB M2 MBA). And I know that when you start specking up the M2 MBA, you get really close in price range to the 14" MBP, which is a better machine in every sense compared to the M2 MBA. But I am university teacher, and I basically do Word, PowerPoint, emailing, videoconferencing, web-browsing, watching movies, listening to music, and stuff like that. So I wouldn't really notice the extra power or features I would be getting with the 14" MBP. Besides, I carry the computer around all day, so (ultra) portability is an issue. And those extra millimeters of thickness would affect my wrists and arms when typing for long periods of time like I usually do. Summing up, your review has restored my faith again in the idea that the M2 MBA would be the better option for me. Thank you!

  26. There, I subscribed coz you did a hella good job explaining techy things to a newbie like me who is getting into the apple ecosystem. 😊👍

  27. Capt. Azzam Ganadily

    Yes your right! I have been watching M2Air YouTube videos and they are discouraging, but I know that a SSD and RAM upgrade: and boom my needs and portability achieved. I’m still waiting for it to arrive. Loved your video, good luck.

  28. Portland, JAMAICA in the Building !!!

  29. This M2 5nm is not what Apple really wanted, it was supposed to be in 3nm tech, but something came up. The new 3nm tech (better, faster, efficient) was delayed to await the results of Apple engineers at Blender working on ray tracing. Why? Games. Yeah, I know, Macs don't play games. No one wanted a watch from Apple either. 🙂

  30. Would you recommend a screen protector or not really needed?

  31. Hi. Hope you can answer this. I am an incoming Business major freshman. I am planning to buy the MA M2 8 256GB. Is that enough for basic workload like microsoft office and virtual classes? I won't use the laptop aside for those two mentioned above TYIA.

  32. Hi CJ, i was wondering i should upgrade ram and ssd? im a college student that has an old MacBook air, that doens use intensive task like video editing. I think I'm gonna get upgrade ram cause i looked on activity monitor and i use 7 gb right now. but upgrading SSD? I'm not sure. i would think upgrading SSD as well will make my MacBook last a long time? what are ur thoughts? is upgrading both worth it in the long run? i am willing to upgrade if needed.

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