Apple Noob Tries Gaming On A MacBook Pro…

I was very excited to try gaming on a Macbook Pro, but did it deliver?

Thank you Micro Center for sending the Macbook Pro for this video!

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  1. Also there are good dongles for MacBooks, that take the two USB-C ports, but have like an HDMI port, 3.5mm jack, four USB-C ports, and two USB-A ports. So those are pretty good for these, especially with MagSafe MacBooks.

  2. The reason why people hate the M2 MacBook Pro…. Is because the thing still uses USB-C for charging, and has that crappy Touch Bar.
    The M2 MacBook Air might do better than this thing, simply because it has a normal function row, and a MagSafe charger. Same with M1 pro or M2 pro MacBook pros, because they still have MagSafe and the better keyboard.

  3. Can I have it?

  4. I think the Apple scent should smell like Apples lol

  5. Use steam on crossover or parallels and play windows games on Mac.

  6. Love that

  7. My sister wanted a Mac book for years. So I bought one of those 2011 era MacBooks, managed to mess with it enough to get android running on it. She had the apple look with the Android utility. It's still alive to this day, serving her for school use.

  8. Your just complaining about everything. The MacBook isn’t made for gaming anyways

  9. I game on my MacBook Air M2 And it runs Minecraft great

  10. Dude I think you should try cloud gaming, man that thing is really good

  11. A good video for those iSheep🤣They would teach you apple product was not made to use. It's an art of some sh.t.

  12. Gabriel Reisinger

    Its too bad he can't install windows on it like the old days. Oof, good news is you can get a good pc for around $800 nowadays with careful shopping

  13. I feel like if APPLE would make a partnership with Nintendo for a PRO version or a gaming Apple sister it would cost like 549$ or like a SE with mid-storage. The fabrication of a SE 3 is so cheap and for a Nintendo is less cheap. Plus I would like to see a Nintendo with the power of a iPhone (even if is a A13 or A14 chip) and more important, with an iPhone’s screen.

  14. Loved the ending – well played. Macbooks arent for gaming. I do play some light games on my M1 macbook pro (14"), but I keep the heavy stuff for my water cooled gaming PC at home. I joke about gaming laptops and their noisy fans "oh playing flight sim I see" 🙂

  15. I love my iphone but there is no way in HELL I will ever get a mac

  16. Christian Schmidt

    Wasnt apple highly against dongles etc in the past?

  17. tbf apple doesn't sell any $600 luggage tag, Hermès does. the apple part in it is like $25, the 575 remaining are, well.. Hermès standard priced.

  18. the direction apple is going with their GPU and silicone is impressive. game developers will need to take note and compiling for MacOS

  19. Cool but you also chose literally the worst MacBook out of the entire lineup. The 14/16inch MacBook Pros that use a function row and ditch the trackpad are way better, and solve a lot of the I/O complaints

  20. El Haveno Puormatro sucks. No way I'm buying Apple products again.

  21. I'm in need with one I'm dieing to get one but it's hard

  22. I know it's not the target demographic, but damn, why would anyone buy a MacBook that even struggles to run CS:GO when for the same money you can get a Windows Laptop that can run all AAA games.

  23. ThatRandomChannelOfAbsolutleyNothing

    4:23 listen with your eyes closed until 4:43💀

  24. Sweet home Alabama

    The thing is that all apple products beside apple tv, airpods and iPhone are trash and struggle do the bare minimum plus has compability with almost nothing

  25. Sweet home Alabama

    Resume: MacBook pro it's trash for gaming

  26. And then people pay obscene amount of money for this garbage. But hey the battery life is good /s

  27. I put Linux in mix on mine from 2017 lol

  28. its confirmed mac book is made for editing gamings pc is made for gaming

  29. Well, as a musician who doesn't care for gaming at all I have to admit that switching to a Mac, after a lifetime of trying to use Windows for that purpose, was the best decision I could have made. MacBooks are not for gaming and a Windows laptop is not for music production or playing live. Both have their place.

  30. Bro BOOTCAMP! my cousin runs windows inside his Mac and seems to play games fine

  31. Hello david i want ask when we put our motherboard into a case if the back of the motherboard touches the case is it a problem

  32. Gaming and MacBook shouldn't be in the same sentence