M2 Macbook Air vs M1 iPad Pro – and the WINNER is…!

Should you get the M2 Macbook Air or the m1 iPad Pro? In this Macbook Air vs iPad Pro comparison we will go over all the pros and cons of both devices and see which one is better, the M1 iPad Pro or M2 Macbook air? Try the Paperlike screenprotector and/or their awesome all in one microfibre! –

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  1. Patrick Rambles

    🔥Hey guys! For those of you asking about the leather sleeve, you can find it here https://geni.us/H9z0 🔥

  2. Just realised that the M2 iPad Pro won’t let me edit charts fully in PowerPoint. For that I need the MacBook Pro. But my laptop is the i5 intel from 2020 and I’m hoping that when and if MacOS runs on the tablet my issues will get resolved.

  3. Get an ipad pro and mac mini. Ipad pro for on the go & mac mini at home. You're in the Apple ecosystem and not excessively pricey.

  4. Ertuğrul Ataman

    What is that green thing which shown in 8:45

  5. I would love to be into tech enough to utilise it but im not lol. Ive a 2017 pro 10.5. I bought it back then instead of a laptop for basic things and still does its job.

  6. I have the macbook pro m1 and i think its great, however i still need the touch input for my work as well, for writing is the most and art also. Both are great i think, and future proofing it somehow will help with the ipad pro. There are some things done great on the macbook and others on the ipad. Though i think the ipad os needs a hybrid upgrade of ipad and mac os of somesort with the power of m1 because they are almost the same kind of product, with different inputs and use. If i didnt need the future proofing i would go for the mini 6 because of portability. But when i compare the price, it goes into the ipad air category then a little more, into the ipad pro.

  7. Here’s my dilemma. I’ve been an IPad user since Apple came out with the original IPad Gen 1 and have owned 2 more since the original one. I currently own and use an IPad Air 2. However, it is 7 plus years old, it still updates and works fine, however I’m ready for an upgrade. I’ve been considering the 11” IPad Pro. If you go to Apple’s website and scroll to the very bottom, you’ll find in the bottom center of the small print “Refurbished and Clearance”. Great buys here as Apple refurbishes these items as like new and gives you the same warranty as if buying new. I’m about a bargain, so if you look at the MacBook Air under refurbished an M1 7 core cost is $849. I have a former coworker and close friend who is a techie who is selling his MacBook Air M1 7 Core release date 2020. He has a screen protector on it and skin protector for the case. Being he is a techie it is in excellent condition and has been factory reset. He was originally asking $800 on FB Marketplace, but when I let him know I was interested, he said he would let me have it for $565. which is $284 less than Apple is selling the same model as refurbished. I’m semi retired and don’t really need a computer for business, but do like doing a few things on line with the functionality of a laptop/MacBook but also enjoy the leisure of playing some relaxing games on the IPad (ie. Words With Friends, etc.) I’d actually like to have both, but the wife says one or the other and she rules the roost. There’s no option on keeping the current IPad Air once I upgrade either to a MacBook or IPad Pro as we’ve promised to give it to our grandson. Any suggestions on which one to go with would be great.

  8. Hey Patrick,
    Would you recommend getting both for uni students?

  9. Once again a stellar video which a non techie like myself easily grasps your presentations, thanks.

  10. The main and crucial difference is the operating system. If you have small budget, and to be able to buy only one of these, then buy Macbook Air.

  11. Alessandro Grossi

    it really depends on what you need. I have both and they work so good together for studying

  12. … not a really big computer guy … I got the Mac Book Air … I miss not having an USB Port any more … I have attachments … they're all usb … and what happens to a photo when you send it in e-mail? … gone from photo library altogether … where did they really go?

  13. yes the ipad pro wins

  14. Just my wishes to have one of that 😮

  15. Christoffer Andersson

    Great video, thanks!

  16. Roopa Chalasani

    Hi @PatrickRambles where did you purchase the yellow color iPad Pro I couldn’t find it anywhere?

  17. If you are a writer which one do you prefer? Which keyboard (assuming you use the Magic Keyboard on the iPad Pro) is more comfortable to write in and for longer without getting tired?

  18. If apple made it I could use my elgato on the iPad Pro. it would be a no brainer for me. since the iPad Pro has more games worth playing than the Mac for some dumb reason

  19. Great video 👍🏻

  20. sick rambler

  21. How can i customise with yellow skin ? Did you boughted in yellow color or its a skin ? Thanks

  22. Hey where can i buy that ipad orange cover? Its dope

  23. 🙏❤️🙏👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏👏👏👏👏Big Thanks 🙏❤️🙏

  24. When I was at school, I brought my 2012 low spec MacBook air (i5, 64Gb, 4Gb RAM) and iPad 2 -> iPad air 2. But as iPad apps getting more mature, I used iPad more and replaced MacBook air. That was 2012-2018. But if I am in school now, I will get an iPad pro and pencil because of its versatility. Most of the desktop apps can be done in iPad, plus writing directly on the PDF lectures and homework is really nice. I find that iPad is more useful than laptop, and can do more productive tricks. So I say iPad pro is the winner.

  25. Paperlike is one of the worst product for the iPad.

  26. I have the M1 Air but wishing I bought a iPad Pro as I like to watch Netflix etc on it

  27. Perfect content for what im looking for. I also only use paper lite too… i love writing with the pencil for same reasons you say. I have the iPad Pro set up and love it but was thinking i needed to replace my MacBook. I’m gonna stick with IPad Pro.

  28. Wat do u recommend for somebody trying to edit videos while getting heavy into yt and for general purposes?

  29. How is this even a discussion? You can’t even do a video call on the iPad and take notes / multi-task (what many of us do all day) without the video cutting out each time you change screens, which is highly distracting and unprofessional for others on the call. For someone who does collaborative corporate work, it’s no contest – need a full laptop unfortunately.