NEW M1 Max MacBook Pro Reaction: The Ports are Back!

Apple’s finally created what we’ve all been waiting for. I hope you didn’t get the last one.
The M1 Mac Review:
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  1. Ricky Dos Santos

    notch sure why. lol

  2. Notch so sure why they added a notch. Badumtssss

  3. Just bought my 16” macbook pro m1 max today. I have been using my 2015 13” macbook pro for the longest because it was my first macbook. So I decided to treat myself. I think its well worth it and well overdue lol but still holding on to my 2015 13” macbook pro since it was my first mac I bought myself when it first came out…it’s sentimental 😊

  4. Bro what is that smile in the thumbnail

  5. Abdulhameed Mustapha

    Made the 200,000th like

  6. The MacBook Pro M1 Pro 14 inch is the best computer I’ve ever used

  7. Bram vandenbroeck

    Just got one today! The 14 inch model with 16gb and 1TB of storage, i finally did upgrade from a 2012 retina! And man these macbooks are fast!!

  8. Notch sure why

  9. Jesús de la Torre Álvarez

    Does anyone knows how to play 4k on netflix on this model? I cant get Netlix or any streaming service to run 4k video, HELP¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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  11. I have a 2020 MBP 13" with 256 GB. Should I upgrade to tbis one?

  12. Yeah f the new M2 Air
    This 16inch MacBook Pro has everything I want. Ports, no Touch Bar, bigger screen , PORTS!

  13. Abdelilah Hilal

    The natch is so big just to make it smaller next MacBooks 💻

  14. Nice in all, but I wish they kept the Touch Bar

  15. Now we just need backlit Magic Keyboards

  16. Thanks

  17. Azjatyckie Klimaty

    this PC is so expensive lol

  18. SuperGirl1970 Carver

    Now I wouldn't buy apple even if I has the money for it.

  19. SuperGirl1970 Carver

    When I found out the apple merchandise is made in China, I didn't want it no more. Plus they sent me a defective Ipad.

  20. No Ethernet input? (Apple) ‘We’ll included next year for just 200 more to the Max Ultra version’. Oh come ON!!!

  21. The Mac t-shirt tho

  22. Thank God I will buy one for myself

  23. just came from the future, you did enjoy the apple silicon event

  24. Notchsurewhy. 🙂

  25. How is HDMI, 3 thunderbolts and an SD card slot considered "many ports" what the fuck 😭 I have literally never used thunderbolt 3.. so I am going to be stuck with like 3 dongles of adapters anyway 😓

  26. GuiguiReGiS Mercer

    Too bad! I loved the touchbar! It was really helpful for me

  27. MacBook Air M1 review please

  28. is it posible too upgrade the macbook with ryen processor and geforce gpu

  29. Davey GJuanvalldez

    Strange with the Mac Air M1 I just purchase Apple does not tell you there are no USB 3 ports. So after you buy it you must search for a USB-C adapter. Also the battery is not replaceable; kinda forces you to buy a new one in five years and affects the resale value.

  30. I liked the ASUS reversed notch.
    It doesn’t take anything of the screen, you don’t notice it, it looks cool and it makes opening up the thin laptop easier.

  31. Apple has really shot themselves in the foot by not making the memory and HD upgradable. It means if I want to order the 32gb version, I have to wait 2 months for it to be ready. But they have heaps of 16gbs. stupid… and not very green

  32. Great video! Keep up the great work. When will the release of this model be?

  33. The Truth Hurts

    Showing my age but how do you connect the old usb cables?

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