MacBook Air M2 review (2022): Apple’s near-perfect Mac

The new MacBook Air is a spectacular revamp for Apple’s flagship ultraportable. It’s far thinner, it has a fantastic new screen and speakers, and Apple’s M2 chip makes it a genuine powerhouse. It has everything we’d want in an ultraportable, and sets a new standard for the entire industry.

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  1. I think they mostly keep the headphone Jack for musicians who need zero latency when recording. So it’s good to have still 🙏

  2. If they have somehow squeezed a modem into it with SIM card, I would have sold my iPad Pro with cellular

  3. Great review!! I just bought one 😄👍.

  4. I just got mine yesterday and am loving it, however I noticed my bluetooth headphones die much faster when used with it compared to my 13 Pro Max and other devices. Was surprised to see they cheaped out and used the same Bluetooth 5.0 radio from the M1 which results in higher battery use. But that's my only gripe so far. Love how totable it is and its been effortless to carry around the house when I am working from home and cleaning up.

  5. Is this worth buying over the MBA M1? I love a brilliant colored screen 😍

  6. TheOutsider Jess

    I really hope they don't get rid of the headphone jacks while wireless headphones are cool and amazing some things need a normal headphones to use

  7. TheOutsider Jess

    As someone who isn't a fan of most of apple products I'm absolutely in love with my Macbook M1 so I'm curious if I should buy this in the future

  8. Dulguun Bat-Erdene

    Macbook air 512gb ssd 8gb or 256gb ssd 16gb which one is enough for coding?

  9. I have the same color and only upgrade is 512 mb memory…..

  10. Would this be a good upgrade coming from a Dell Inspiron 15 inch?

  11. Dmitry Neustroev


  12. Lucas Batistussi

    And people say Apple does not innovate anymore…. They must be kidding

  13. Christopher Loughrey

    How the hell is the liquid retina screen on par with the 14 and 16 inch apart from Promotion? The 14 and 16 inch is an XDR mini LED screen with inky blacks, significantly higher resolution, and HDR support, the Air has an edge-lit LCD panel that's the same PPI that we've had since 2012. Even by looking at just the desktop icons, the screens look night and day side-by-side. Pretty embarrassing to be in this channel and act clueless about the different display technology.

  14. I wish it was able to support 2 external displays.

  15. I’m a student, looking to do some music production too. With apples discount plus my disability allowance. Do I get the MacBook Air M2, £1385 for 16GB 512 or Air M1 for £1114 for 16GB and 512 storage ??

  16. Which of these two is better for a university use (take notes, watching videos, using excel and other stuff)?:
    -MBA with 512 of SSD and 8gb of RAM
    – MBA with 256 gb of SSD (with the storage issue) and 16 go of RAM
    Considering that I would like to keep this MacBook for at least 5-6 years

  17. Чебура́шка

    Why not mention the reduced SSD speed when using the base system with a single 256gb nand?

  18. None of the videos I've watched show the MBA M1 and M2 side by side – I mean touching each other. That way we could really see the if the increased screen size is much better.

  19. 35% faster: lol

  20. really liked your review. wondering if i'm the only one who asks please don't put snakes on the screen for your next review 🙂 😬

  21. I'm getting one. Touchbar support will be less and less with the direction of new macbooks so time for me to upgrade.

  22. Pls give in depth review of lenovo legion 7i gen 7 2022 laptop

  23. checkmatefurries

    I have a 2020 MBA and to be honest the new one is freakin amazing! Like honestly one of the most impressive pieces of technology I have ever seen…that being said: technology has advanced so much that even this massive improvement and advance isnt that big for me. My 2020 MBA blows other machines out of the water for what I use it for and while this machine would be dope to have I feel like we have reached a point (thankfully) where massive updates and speed increases are really unimportant. Its like going from 100mph to 150mph ya sure its way faster but honestly going 100 is REALLY freakin fast already.

  24. How are all these videos out already? I ordered mine the morning they came online and fastest ship was August.

  25. Best review I've seen so far.

  26. Can't wait for mine to come in! I have a midnight on order!

  27. Dude looks indian af but sounds like a white prep boy

  28. 《Your videos are always the best I do receive a notification each time you post a new video. We will have regrets for things we did not participate in. Investments should always be on any creative man's heart for success in life and I'll advise you do a little glimpse of that on your next video….💯

  29. Athy's Collection

    Absolutely cannot wait to receive mine in August, I wasn't sure to go with this or the XPS Plus, but sure I'm going to be pleased with my purchase.

  30. Finally upgrading from a 2014 MBA, looking forward to it. I was waiting for the return of MagSafe and a few other things. The 10-GPU model with a 1TB drive ticks all my boxes.

  31. Can you still charge via the usb-c port in a pinch?

  32. I love how the review units are like $800 more than the base model. I want to know how the 8gb version runs

  33. When you are watching a movie on full screen, is the notch noticeable given that the background of the screen is blacked out like it is with the MacBook Pro with the notch?

  34. This definitely looks like a worthy upgrade from my 2015 MacBook

  35. Which GPU should I get? Light gaming and GarageBand are the most intense things I do

  36. Air M2 + 10-Core GPU + 512GB SSD + 24GB RAM + MIDNIGHT = ROCK 'n Roll 👌

  37. trying to figure out whether to buy a modded air or a basic pro

  38. did you tried it with laptop standing with fans ?

  39. Peter Shrieve-Don

    With the M2 at 16gb RAM and 512gb SSD, is it worth just paying an extra $100 for a refurbished 14" MBP?

  40. Why do you keep showing your face instead of the new MacBook Air?

  41. I find it really interesting that you compared the screen quality on this M2 Air to the quality of the Mini-LED of the 14 and 16 in Pro's, is it really that good? I would think the black levels and contrast couldn't come close to more expensive models.

  42. Ditto that joyous vibe from starlight and was why picked that color for mine too. Appreciate your video💜

  43. Bump up to the review unit at 1899… bruh what you talking about? Why would I ever go with an inferior product for 100 dollars less than the pro?

  44. Thanks for this. Appreciate your views. How much RAM and SSD were in your review machine? Thank you