The MacBooks to Buy Right Now in 2022

The last two years, I’ve been switching macbooks a lot, and because of that, I’ve had a ton of experience using these laptops. And I’ve had a lot of people, friends, family, and viewers ask me for recommendations on MacBooks. Is this one okay for school, is this one better for personal use? What if I need a video editing machine? I get these types of questions a lot. So, why not just shove it all into one video that I can point people to. Let’s get started with a little review.

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Apple currently sells 4 different macbooks: the 13in macbook air, 13in macbook pro, 14in MacBook pro and 16in macbook pro. And honestly, these are all great options, but I think in the macbook lineup, the 13in Macbook air and 14in macbook pro really stand out compared to the rest. The value you get for what you pay for is really good on the 13in air, but for $300 more, you get longer battery life, slightly better performance, a slightly nicer display, a slightly thicker body and a touchbar on the 13in pro, now if all of those things are important to you, and you think it’s worth $300 more than the air for those additional features, then feel to look into those a little deeper, but when these machines first came out, I bought a 13in pro and actually returned it because the 13in Air satisfied my needs, and I didn’t feel the additional cost was worth it. As for the 16in MacBook Pro. Basically, it’s a 14in macbook pro with a bigger screen, and more battery.

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Okay. So the 13in Macbook air, this is Apple’s cheapest laptop. The battery normally lasts a whole day and honestly, I used this for about a year, and it can do a lot. I could edit 4K YouTube videos on it, photo edit, have 10 different tabs open at once for YouTube planning, and it handles it all really well without a stutter. The only real downsides I see with the macbook air is that it only has 2 usb c ports so you’ll be buying dongles to use any accessories, like plugging in usb devices and monitors, and it only supports one external monitor. So don’t buy the 13in Macbook air or 13in MacBook pro, with multiple monitors in mind.

Then we have the 14in MacBook pro. It has a 120hz pro motion display. Which basically means screen elements can look smoother if it’s supported. The pro has a pro motion display, and things look and feel smoother. The same goes for the macbook pro compared to the macbook air. The display is also, MiniLED, while the air’s is IPS. While on a MiniLED display, there are multiple backlights that take up different blocks on your screen. Because of that, you can see deeper contrast between large dark areas and brighter ones, making the display appear richer and more colorful. There is also a downside to MiniLED and that’s a “glow” that surrounds small bright objects on the display at higher brightnesses. But for the most part, MiniLED is nicer to look at overall. The 14in MacBook Pro has fantastic speakers for a laptop, a 3rd USB 4 port, hdmi port, magsafe charging, an sd card reader, better webcam, a notch, and weighs heavier and is overall larger and boxier than the 13in air which looks more like a doorstopper. The 14in MacBook has an M1 Pro processor and can be upgraded all that way to a super beefy M1 Max. The primary difference between the M1 Pro and M1 Max is graphics performance.

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Okay, Now that we have all the differences and similarities sorted out. Let’s talk about who each of these machines are for. For 80% of people looking for a mac, I really think the MacBook air will suit their needs perfectly. The MacBook Air is perfect as a personal laptop for people, its a great student laptop, and is great for people starting to video or photo edit. The MacBook air is no slouch, and for nearly a year, it’s handled all the 4K video editing, thumbnail editing and the dozens of stuff I usually have open on the screen to work on my YouTube channel. That being said, if you’re using a laptop as a machine to make you money, or get your job done. Then the 14 and 16 pros are a nice upgrade that adds a lot of quality of life additions. If you’re a person conducting business, or trying to make your job easier or faster. Then get the 14 or 16in Macbook pro. They’re excellent machines, but I think a lot of people overestimate what they need and default to the MacBook pro, when the MacBook air would probably serve their needs fine.

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  1. I am returning mine because of what I learned here and because I was talking to Apple while listening to you. I had no idea they were discontinued. I just purchased a 15" MB Pro for over $1K. I just put in my return request – I've only had it for one day.

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    The M1 air with 16gb ram and 512 gb ssd costs me around 1500 Euros, the M2 Air with the same config costs almost 2000 Euros just the same as the 14 M1 pro. I have started video editing as a hobby and currently use my desktop pc (R5 5600x, 3080, 32gb ram) for that  but I want something as well for the go since I am often on the go. Which model would you recommend me?  I want to keep the device at least for 5 yrs.

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