The 15" MacBook Air!

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New MacBook Air 15 vs MacBook Air 13 M2 – Our very own concept based on the latest Leaks & Rumors. Release Date, Features & Performance – everything covered.

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  1. What do you guys think of a 15 inch MacBook Air? Also, do check out BenQ's ScreenBar Halo – . Been using one myself daily and absolutely love it!

  2. I would buy one.

  3. I’m not holding my breath right now with this and cheap we will see

  4. No 15 inch.
    Speculation & Nonsense Video

  5. All I want is a 16 inch macbook air

  6. Unknowingly Nerdy

    I wish they'll do it

  7. If Apple releases a 15" Air, it will be my next laptop!

  8. This would be my dream laptop

  9. Good stuff, but a question: Any idea how soon the 15" M2 Macbook Air will likely come out, in 2022, or when in 2023? This is the key question for me, this and how the larger screen might affect battery life which if you are correct or even close at 24 hours that would be fantastic. If not until 2023, then that might be when the M2 Macbook Pro 14" and 16" might come out, so another choice to make. And if the M3 comes out in 2023, on which models and sizes?

  10. ugh 15inch . I hate apple. all I ever wanted was a 15inch air. reason why I never purchased it. now I buy a 16inch pro, and now I hear this news 😡

  11. No….. Traditional 13.3 must stay, good, Light, portable, that,s Mac

  12. I just got a M1 iMac and its Amazing. I use both windows and Mac and its so easy to do that with parallels

  13. may i know what is the configuration and approximate first luanch price?is it suit for coding ,java Python?😊

  14. Macbook air 15 makes perfect sense. Probably that would be a macbook that I would choose when buying a new one.

  15. From 15 inch macbook air I wait 15 inch. Not funny.

  16. Because I can partition the hard drive on a MacBook Air, I am willing to also purchase a Mac Pro for home, as well as other Apple devices to make my life more convenient.
    I use my present MacBook Pro for engineering. I believe the new M-series chipset is a breakaway from industry monopoly which enables Apple to invent instead of deliver only incremental advances in its products, as in previous years.

  17. Apple 🍎 should do the following lineup: MacBook Pro 16 and 14 inch. MacBook (Air) 16 and 14 inch. Want anything more portable than that – buy an iPad.

  18. Hope this isn't just rumors

  19. but i can work with a thick bazel instead of notch on a laptop.

  20. Do the new m2 airs also get an option for black keyboard?

  21. 15in Air would sell like hotcakes. Too many people buy the Pro models for the bigger screen without needing the extra performance.

  22. I'd buy a 15" MB air today if it was a possibility.

  23. If they did this what chips would power them? Would the new 2021 macbook pros be more powerful?

  24. I think that Apple will make a new MBA with colorful laptops, but still keeps some basis design priciples such as small, light, slim and affordable.

  25. It's will be cool

  26. How did u know? I’ll come back here if this is true in the future.

  27. From Spiderman to Appleman. Story of Andrew Garfield.

  28. Umang Krishan Sharma

    watching this video in air2017 i think i need to upgrade my laptop but i want air 15 inch 🤤🤤🤤

    if it will come in 2023 i still have to use air2017 in 2022

  29. A fifteen-inch Macbook Air with an M2 chip sounds pretty cool. I love my 15-inch first-gen Macbook Pro, so I would really enjoy using a more modern Mac laptop with the same dimensions.

  30. Cant wait for apple to rate battery life in days instead of hours xD

  31. when it gets FaceID I will buy it asap

  32. I want to buy, provided that the laptop is beautiful and reliable.

  33. They will lose money I suppose? People will switch from macbook pro 15 to this one instead. Apple knows that people who are about to buy a mac will buy a mac laptop regardless (for at least most of them). So I guess it won't makes sense for apple (as much as it makes sense for us) to offer something cheaper (that will yield a lower revenue). For the average person, macbook air is already powerful enough. At the end of the day, Mac has been here for years. So i suppose they know their market and their behavior better. A 15-inch macbook air is totally doable. So the question is, why is it still not out? I believe they have their reasons, the above MIGHT be one of them.

  34. I'm buying on launch day, been waiting for this for agees. I dont need a pro, not everyone is a video / photo editor. I do basic office stuff for work and the 13 inch is just small, all I want is a thin and light 15 incher

  35. I want touch bar on macbook air

  36. As someone who doesn't need the power of the 14/16 inch macbook pros, but still want a big laptop with great speakers.. I will absolutely buy a 15/16 inch macbook air day one if it comes out. Hoping if they do make one, they don't make it crazy ugly :/

  37. Help here! I am planning to buy the Macbook Air M1 but suddenly I saw the predictions for 2022 wtf. I already bought my case for the M1, should I wait for the MB Air 2022 or should I buy the M1? Please help.

  38. I have recently bought MSI GP76 2022, but frankly speaking i still like the design of the 15'' version. And if they keep it up for the future, i might switch to Apple some time in the future