How To Use M2 MacBook Air! (Complete Beginners Guide)

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Let’s take a look at How To Use M2 MacBook Air! (Complete Beginners Guide)

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  1. the quality of the video is (0) 😞


    I have owned the M2 Air for 1 month and now have horizontal and vertical lines flickering on the screen, making it impossible to use. I was replacing a M1 MacBook Air that had the same display issue within months of buying it. They made me send the M1 in for repair twice and it failed again a third time right after the warranty expired. This was a new laptop! They refused to issue a new laptop to replace the reject I bought and since the warranty expired they expected me to pay to have it fixed again, when they didn’t fix it properly the first 2 times! The second time they falsely claimed I dropped it but they fixed it and shortly after the screen quit working completely.

    So… stupidly I bought an M2 Air thinking the problems were with the M1 only. Nope! I have the same display issue with the new model after 1 month!!! Apple isn't owning up to the display issues of the M Series MacBooks. In the past year I've spent almost $3,000 for 2 MacBook Airs that are now useless. I've wasted so much time sending it in for repairs, reloading apps and being without a computer while they try to fix their issues, which they obviously can't do… or won’t do because they’ll “fix” the issue, until the warranty runs out and leave you to pay for the failed laptop afterwards. It’s a trap. That’s what they did to me with the M1 and now it’s happening again with the M2.

    If you have a serious problem with your Mac you’ll never get a replacement; you’ll never get your money back and your work will constantly be disrupted with getting it repaired. Good Luck to you if you spend your money on one. As a long time Apple buyer/user, I now recommend you don't as it appears that Apple is not being responsible for the ones that have display issues.

    Additionally, if you do gamble and buy an M2 be sure to also add the additional $300.00 for the Apple warranty or you may get stuck with a large repair bill shortly after the factory warranty runs out. I feel scammed.

  3. i just wanna upgrade to apple i believe its good will be glad if anyone can asist in geting it.

  4. The fingerprint color really looks nice.

  5. Most of the tips in the second half were useless to me. When I clicked on About This Mac, I did not get the same window, and there was no option for software update. Also I had an option for System Settings, but not System Preferences. Pretty useless video.

  6. AWESOME VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. thank you first time using a mac book and i really had a hard time integrating with the touch pad lol

  8. I never use macbook in my life, is it easy to navigate? is there also windows in it huh? is it like iPhone which need to be open line (previous owner must log-out/account sign out)? what is the pitfall or warning when buying a second hand mac? thanks. sorry

  9. Urbana Islam Barsha

    I just bought my first ever MacBook

  10. What is a track pad? I’ve never heard that term before

  11. Just picked up my MacBook Air yesterday, and it's my first ever MacBook. Loving it so far!

  12. You are assuming we have used a MacBook before, some of us are coming from windows and know nothing about MacBook.

  13. ordered mines yesterday! so excited thank you so much

  14. On a high level I wanna thank you for the video! Really on a high level!

  15. Carlos de la Cova

    Got my M2 MacBook Air 💻 about two months ago. Love it. Learning macOS too. More familiar with iOS.

  16. Carlos de la Cova

    Great introductory video. Thank you 🙏 so much! Much appreciated.

  17. Mateusz Kowalinski


  18. Got a Mac air m2 today

  19. Krystal Anna Williams-Polley

    Na 2022

  20. Just received mine today! It's my first laptop, macbook, and apple product. I still can't believe I finally managed to have one. But it's unfortunate that they have no Black or Midnight color available.

  21. Mines frozen before set up how do you restart the thing?

  22. Just grabbed this model today …. This my first ever MacBook

  23. Carl Adrian Nadura

    Currently using M2 Air for more than a week now. It's definitely awesome! I got the starlight by the way.

  24. please stop the annoying tautologous use of "specific"!

  25. Laurence May Gabayan

    Mannn your voice sounds so calm and relaxing. Thanks for this vid! 🤍

  26. I got this today

  27. I just got this MacBook

  28. This is completely a dummies level guide, but I appreciate it nonetheless!

  29. You get the 8gb or 16?

  30. is your one the base varient?

  31. I'm writing you from a Macbook Air 2011, I will buy the Air M2 in the next months 🙂

  32. 😀 😃 🙂 👍

  33. Hirochi SBR4 TT S3 DCT

    69th like. Nice

  34. The usbc ports are thunderbolt 3,not 4

  35. 2:18 "I recommend cleaning out the bottom once in a while…" I assume by "bottom" you mean the inside. There are no vents and no fans, it's not sealed like an iPad to IPV7 level but dust and hair isn't going to get inside unless you open it up and put it there. You are right: Most computers will benefit from a cleaning now and then. But not this one. Good video, I enjoyed it!

  36. Not the notch😭

  37. Donald Trump 2024