@Apple Macbook Air (M2) Review: Almost Perfect!

After using the Macbook Air (M2) as my daily driver for weeks, i’m finally ready to share my thoughts on this laptop. This review is short and to the point, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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00:00 Recommended Configuration
01:10 Style, Build Quality, and Ports
01:49 Display
03:06 Keyboard and Trackpad
03:29 Audio Quality
03:44 Webcam
03:48 M2 Performance
06:52 Heat and Fan Noise
07:13 Portability
07:21 Price
08:41 Conclusion and Recommendations
10:03 Battery Life
10:15 See You Next Time

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  1. Tortenschieber mit Senf

    Lets see if you still praise apple if your charge circuit gets replaced under warranty and because you couldn charge you couldnt backup but apple just for no reason wiped your hard drive because they always do as it is the standard procedure at repairs. I wonder if you cant check charging with customers data untouched. This stupid repair policys made me choose Lenovo or Dell since they have the "keep your harddrive" option. If you really work S a pro, you cant backup every minute. You do it once a day or fiew days. But there might be some critical data stored in between backups.
    Does Apple have the " keep your harddrive" option? Oh its soldered on. Sorry thats unprofessional and shouldnt be called "pro"

  2. Hey josh! I subscribed to you so quick after watching a few of your videos, you’re my fave tech reviewer so far!

    I’m currently debating which MacBooks to get, do you think this MacBook Air M2 can last in a tropical country? I also like to game, Maplestory and Sims 4 only. Will this MacBook be ok?

  3. Interesting what you say about keyboards. I tried this yesterday at the store, typed on about 30 different laptops, including thinkpads. though not as nice as my 2014 mbp, the mac keyboards were still best in the store, IMO

  4. I’m new to your channel and the reviews are awesome! Very helpful. Congrats! …. I’ve been a HP user for a long time, but I am buying new lap top very 3 to 4 years, if longevity is a main factor for me, would you recommend a Mac rather than a any other brand?

  5. Limbovitsch Haim


  6. Steve Jobs never would have permitted the notch on iPhone and especially on Macs.

  7. Why aren't you reviewing the Zephyrus G14

  8. Just got my M2 Air (16/1TB). Overall this thing is amazing, crazy fast, battery lasts forever, really solid design and feel. My gripe with the keyboard is that it feels a sloppy compared to my old 2016 MBP. I loved the low travel clicky keyboards that most people seem to loathe.

  9. Will you review the Macbook Pro M2 13"?

  10. I have tried the keyboard and agree with you, the typing experience is horrible.

  11. I find it odd that this is the only reviewing video of m2 air that shows how decent the webcam really is on this laptop. I figure is it possible that perhaps most reviewers are actually turning on the camera with a 720p without even realising their mistake, or is it only a lighting issue which makes all the difference?

  12. Is this laptop perfect for a programming student?

  13. Perhaps you should do a side by side speaker comparison with the Dell XPS 13 Plus and let the audience decide, right?

  14. Silver is just the best color for this laptop.

  15. How about Asus rog G14? Better than M1 pro?

  16. The ONLY reason I bought the M1 2020 Air instead of the new redesigned M2 was the keyboard. There was no way I would have been able to type papers, study, etc. with that keyboard. I've tried using external USB/bluetooth keyboards but it can be extremely inconvenient, especially when traveling. My M1 is insane! I was able to buy a refurbished model for $776 after tax, and I have not ZERO issues with it. I've always preferred PCs, but this Macbook Air was worth the switch.

  17. Giancarlo Carcamo

    great video

  18. ClickBa8t Studio

    bruh looks like a wannabe Steve Jobs 🤣

  19. Would you recommend Macbook Air M2 or Macbook M1 Pro 14 inch for students studying computer science?

  20. Still recommend the XPS 13?