M2 MacBook Air vs. The Rest

My review of the 2022 M2 MacBook Air, the best macbook for students. against the m1 macbook air and the best windows laptops that are in the same class
Aero 13 –
XPS 13+ –
M1 –

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  1. i think if m2 air had launched at $999, windows laptops would be a lot cheaper this year

  2. What about Microsoft Laptop 5 ?

  3. Mystic Moon Melody

    I had MacBook Pro 2013 for 10 years and never had any problems now I got MacBook Pro 14" and love it I got upgraded version with RAM and GPU and Storage so should be good for next 6-10 years as I never use it heavily

  4. Here in Denmark that Dell XPS 13 much more expensive then the MacBook air M2, and you buy 2 MacBooks with the price of a single Dell XPS

  5. man lives in year 2034

  6. i bought 2 days ago the Apple Macbook Air M1 for 836€

  7. I've had several top line Dell Laptops over the last 15 years and the major issue is the fast degrading battery life especially after 12- 18 months of usage. ( Dell's build quality is good though). Then when you have to replace the battery say 3 years down the road, the models have been phased out and batts not available. Combined with the absolute trash that WINDOWS is, I'm finally going to have to shift to Apple for my next laptop.

  8. Apple nonsense; no cooling. I don’t get it

  9. Manuel Contreras

    my only problem is that i would like to have eGPU support for the Macbook, thats my only reason not to

  10. Living with the m2 is a different story than a review, mine is laying aside , most of the apps requires rosetta which I will not enable , such a miss leading all this reviews which relies on benchmarks only . The truth is , if apple will have 13th gen intel along with the Arm processor for sell nobody will buy the arm version.

  11. Company cant do anything since they depend only on intel or amd

  12. QC check: your M2 MBA’s GFXBENCH listed 48 and then when compared it to the XPS it went down to 38… maybe a typo?

  13. Unless your a video editor or something along those creative lines I don’t see the point in Macs. If you just going to use it for browsing and light document editing. At that point you might as well just get a Chromebook.

  14. In australia, apple m1 air: $1349+ free airpods, dell xps plus: $2368, not even comparable

  15. Just make sure to get rid of those aweful operating systems and install linux

  16. hello, I need a laptop hp 13 " ; even used ; tks

  17. Well the air M2 is now $999, and the M1 is $799…

  18. Bro phyco bunny fake 😔

  19. Can we talk about something more interesting that has been long unnoticed/kinda_ignored under_water_aquraium thing behind you… hope it's not some LG /SAMSUNG super OLED …3D RENDERING thing…..

  20. The M2 is a beautiful laptop but the only option that is somehow useful is the $1500 beacause the 256GB is too little for anybody. So, I would keep the asus laptop and invest the $200 on a nice screen

  21. Spiros Kirolivanos

    XPS 13 in my country (Greece) has 2650€ idk

  22. ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

    if m2 had windows I would buy instantly… but naaah I'm good. for the battery problem of x64 chips… I ve got a charging cable…

  23. ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

    what a luck that windows 11 is very important for 60% of people. else a lot of people would get the new m2 mac books…

  24. The HP looks pretty great for its price, I just wish that HP didn't make such ugly laptops.

  25. I ended up going with the XPS and it did not disappoint. The speakers are so good, I've never heard audio from a laptop sound so great. Pretty much everything else is fantastic, performance, battery life, screen, etc. No regrets whatsoever.

  26. The only difference: all the other laptops can install the apps I need, but the mac can't.

  27. A Dell with good speakers! O___O I'll still go for the Mac because I want a fanless laptop.

  28. Music And Gaming

    I picked up the MacBook Air M2 mid range with upgraded storage with the 512 GB SSD and am shocked Ive been a lifetime PC user running windows . Bought the MacBook Air M2 for mostly Audio stuff … recently tried gaming on it with some of my steam games … Needless to say it can game and decently high settings on compatible games … some triple A games sprinkled in… it does get toasty though…. so that's a thing Not much a laptop cooler might fix

  29. zenbook s13 alternative with good battery , as its not available in stock to buy right now,
    i need portable windows laptop with good battery