Mac Studio M1 ULTRA vs Macbook Pro MAX // Best Editing Computer?

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00:00 Intro
00:47 Specs
1:43 Functionality
3:33 Editing Speed Test
7:12 Overall Thoughts

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  1. Is the upgrade to 64 GB worth it? Trying to figure out if:

    16” M2 Max 32 GB 1TB is a better buy than 16” M1 Max 64 GB 2 TB? Which would you recommend and why?

  2. We need one of the m2 max vs m1 max!!

  3. 26s vs 44s is 60% faster, and for 22s vs 44s is 200% faster

  4. I just exported an hour clip from two cameras Canon R5 8k RAW 12 bit and C70 4k RAW LT 12 bit on premiere the R5 footage took a little under an hour the c70 took 5+ hours!!!

  5. I didn't see the S-LOG 3 comparison for the Sony a7siii as you mentioned…?

  6. Hari Krishnan Kc

    Superb work bro…..can u please slow ur speed little so that we can understand things more effectively?

  7. Being November 2022, if money wasn’t an object what MacBook Pro would you get for video editing?

  8. THE question really is, on the M1 Ultra, what monitor/monitors did you use for 8K playback? I feel like that is an important questions if considering the M1 max or Ultra…

  9. My thoughts would be the Ultra being good for making a 40 minute to 1 hour film for making serious movie editing. And the Macbook being best for YT content creating and putting together a trailer.

    Again, those are just my thoughts.

  10. Hello, is it not difficult for MAC MINI M1 to manage 2-hour weddings?

  11. Patrick Kendall

    No Avid?

  12. So helpful! Thank you! Still torn but I know I can’t make a bad decision

  13. Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    I prefer the MacBook because I can take it places and the battery on Apple m computers lasts forever

  14. Thank you my man

  15. Macbook Pro seems like so fit for professional freelancer, but the Mac Studio seems so fit for the Studio Agency (?)

  16. Is your course a one-time payment and we have unlimited access to it?

  17. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Many thanks to you Peter, your explanation are best and really-really helpful for your subscribers.

  19. Creative Greats

    Which is best for canon r5c h.265 8k footage and r3 h.265?

  20. (1x “normal”) times faster = 0% faster
    (2x) times faster = %100 faster

    lol bye

  21. Søren Bang Clemmensen

    I bought the MBP M1Pro (10core) it's lightning fast in alle situations. Don't waste your money on M1 MAX.

  22. Trauma Team Racing

    This was excellent and exactly what I needed. Thank you very much.

  23. Claudio A G M Filho M.D.

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏🏻, What an awesome video. Thank you for sharing…

  24. Can you do a video on using TextEdit and Numbers on the Mac Studio

  25. this shows how good is davinchi optimized! thank u!

  26. শালখাঁই - Shalkhai

    I am poor plz give me One Dtone camera Please help Me 🥺

  27. Premiere pro users: Can we take second and appreciate the fact that Adobe improved drastically their software!! 🤯

  28. I appreciate that when comparing "editing" computers that it wasn't just render/export times. Scrubbing and playback performance will always slow me down waaaaaay more than an export taking an extra 5 minutes. Well done!

  29. Very helpful comparison. Thanks.

  30. Thank you for the objective review, really.. I have seen tons of reviews out there saying 16GB of memory is good for professional just because it is soldered and made by Apple.

  31. I also thought of this and then I saw the comparison of 12900K and RTX3090 with M1 ultra.
    It was quite suprising that in almost every aspect the PC was better or much better (150%-400% more Performance) than the M1 ultra especially in Video editing. The more effects you apply the bigger the difference is…

  32. Great, straight to the point and no fluff. I kinda was sad when you said you had the M1 max for a few months. I'm still waiting for mine haha

  33. Dokta Vytamin (Fanamic Int'l)

    Mr. Parker i wish you could do me a drop requesting Ugandans to join my art revolution called FANAMIC INTERNATIONAL. Fanamic means fans of microphone🙏

  34. Free Stock Videos

    The both products are way too expensive that I can afford. Or as I love to say "That's exorbitant"

  35. John Elkhoury, PA-C

    I was going to spec out an M1 ultra to $6,700 but wound up going with the base M1 Max Studio for 4K video editing in FCPX with the intention of getting an upgrade in the future. Definitely a big performance boost from my late 2015 27-inch iMac. I prefer a desktop over working on a laptop.

  36. Nice