M2 MacBook Air vs 14" MacBook Pro – DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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M2 Air vs 14′ M1 Pro – which MacBook to buy in 2022? Yes, a lot of people are asking this question. So it’s time to answer it! I did a long-term review of these two Macs, namely the MacBook Air M2 and 14′ M1 MacBook Pro, and found a number of pros and cons of these laptops, which I am ready to share with you! So what is the best MacBook model? Be sure to watch this video from start to finish to make the right choice for a Mac in 2022 and find out all the good and terrible bad things about both laptops!

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  1. I'm writing with a MacBook Pro 14 m2. I'm changing it because I find it uncomfortable to write. The keyboard feels worse than mba's one and the edges are too sharp, I ever hit them with my palm. Don' t know If someone had the same feeling

  2. 2 screens is a dealbreaker, lads. Only w 14-inch

  3. I have a 14in pro with 32gb ram (for cubase 12)

    So happy with it (first time owning a Mac)

    Selling point for me was hdmi, SD card slot, multiple usb C ports.

    512gb storage is more than enough for my needs

  4. price is not a problem for me at all. which one should i get

  5. As a first Apple buyer, I will wait for the MacBook from 2023.
    But definitely current MacBook pro base model renewed is a great deal.

  6. Tucutum Bulunchu

    "The difference is not that clear" (proceeds to explain how Pro 14'' beats Air in every single aspect)

  7. Погоди… у тебя вроде еще на русском канал был, не?))

  8. Guys help me.. Im beginner Editor. Should i buy m1 8/512 or m2 8/256. My Budget is limit and they both surprisingly same price in my country. Im kinda confused.
    (I edit video and photo, currently learing after effect in my pc but i need portable computer for collage)
    Help me please can you? XOXO

  9. What is the Cinebench score in low power mode?

  10. John Himmelberger

    Lame ass video

  11. Edward Broadnax Jr

    I just want to watch YouTube and movies which is better both?

  12. As someone who came from a 14inch asus. I think that even that one or so inch makes a huge difference. I switched to the M1 MBA, and i go to school so having that extra portability is AWSOME. So sometimes even though the larger option might be better, it isn't not worth it to go back

  13. spreding fake news about battery management so to justify your Chinese sponsor, what a shame

  14. What about the keyboard comparisons? They are definitely not identical. I noticed on the MacBook Air that when I pressed the keys down, my fingernails sometimes caught on the unibody case rim, whereas the 14” seems to have a slightly deeper key travel, but I haven’t confirmed that.

  15. I actually got the 14” MacBook Pro because with the price I get the ports, also I didn’t find it that heavy as people are saying, maybe because my previous laptop is a Dell Inspiron from 2009, that thing broke my shoulder 😅

  16. I‘m a graphic designer and wanted to buy a macbook air m2 but the m1 pro is like 150€ more, probably going to buy the pro even if im not going to use it to its full extend. Especially because i might go into 3D animation and rendering.

  17. Bro you have Beef with m2 MacBook air😂💀

  18. Jordan Crawford

    As a college student, should I get an MacBook Air or Pro

  19. You are cheating subscribers by telling them they've got your gift, and keep requesting them to pay additional delivery charges

  20. Daniel Betancourt

    I was trying to decide between MacBook Air, Pro 14 or wait until M2 pro chips come out. I found a returned mint condition Pro 16 for $2014 so I went for it, tax free since it was bought on a base. Was too good a deal to pass up. 1 TB 16 GB. When I got it set up, there were only 3 charge cycles logged.

  21. Thanks for that.

  22. Anyone else just decide to get the MacBook Pro bc it was $400 dollars off on Best Buy? 😭

  23. I stopped the video when you did not differentiate between XDR display on M1 Pro vs Air and kept focusing on Hz. And boy that was a missed opportunity. THE XDR display is hands down the most amazing looking display on any laptop!

  24. Khanh Nguyen Ngoc

    Regarding the fan on MBP 14, the fan control is a must. If you leave the fan for apple to control, the macbook will hit 100 degree immediately (at least, in my workflow) and it remain 95-ish the whole time. If I set the fan to be maximum fan speed at 80 degree, the maximum temperature of my macbook will be around 91 degree given the ambient temperature is 26 degree. These youtubers must learn at least how to do a proper benchmark a.k.a physics experiment.

  25. Love working outside in the sun, so the brighter the better…

    But indoor don’t need much brightness either

  26. Does using mba m2 with fast chargers all the time (67 w usb ) hurt the battery life ?

  27. Lovely sponsor spot.
    Pretty sure that's illegal in 90% of the world.

  28. Love how this guys is still making continuous vids about the M2 😂😂

  29. Also right now best buy has the entry level 14” for 1600 brand new and over a hundred dollars cheaper for an open box so it’s literally in my opinion the best deal in tech right now besides the entry level M1 air…actually its still probably a better deal…unless you dont need the extra horsepower or care about the better screen or ports etc. and your priority is portability. I’ve been wanting the 14” ever since it came out because even for what apple put its entry level price at just seemed to me like a real value for what out delivers. Which begs the question why did the M2 air have to get e price hike? After you add ram and extra storage then your right there with the much better 14” so the only thing it has on it is the lighter thinner form factor. And believe me i am by no means hating on the air. Actually since unfortunately i can’t afford the 14” right now, or the m2 air for that matter lol, I’ve been fighting with myself and debating and trying to find a reason to get the new air. I love it and i want one. But i also kinda want the upgrades but the value is really only in the base model. So I’ve then been going back and forth on whether the m1 is just the better option right now, i really wanted one of these before anyways and the deals are insane, plus hey no SSD hit on the base model. But i really want that new screen, the new ProRes encoder/decoders, MagSafe, the better webcam, brighter screen and that gorgeous new look and midnight color. Which I LOVE, but admittedly have been wondering if i should just stick with my go to space gray or maybe even starlight… so i dont have to contend with the fingerprints and scratches around the ports…anyways I digress….great video, sorry for my rambling but apple has really made this a difficult decision when money is a big factor. Thanks!

  30. 闘将ダイモス

    exactly! don't waste your money, buy different brand 🙂

  31. Нормально так разложил всё, акцент почти незаметен.

  32. Is connecting to a Virtual windows machine for work and doing basic SQL and excel work considered an intensive task? I'm considering the M2 air since theres a discount this weekend.

  33. Didn't you say you returned your MBA??)

  34. I went for m1 14 because M2 air after adding more SSD and RAM cost nearly the pro 14 price. I had moments of doubt after receiving it but screen and speakers are incredible.

  35. This guy really loves his M1 and M2

  36. Great video! Thanks!!!

  37. The pro is too heavy & thick! No way that bulky design can support everyone

  38. Only controversial because of stupid Youtubers who just want to create issues which means video creation and views.

  39. Perpetual Preponderer

    I think the 13” M2 MBP is a really good deal for people with semi-pro mostly non graphics intensive tasks, like coders for eg.

    Most people look at the old design & instantly discard it from consideration, however, if you spec it with 16GB RAM or even 24GB RAM you are getting solid value, way better than the M2 MBA.

    The only way to really get the performance upgrade of the M2 over the M1 in any meaningful way is to get a chassis with a fan, as the M2 is basically just an overclocked M1 with support for DDR5 RAM & higher memory bandwidth.

    It’s the 13” M2 Macbook Pro “Air” FTW, for me.

  40. i clicked on an m2 air vs 14 inch MacBook pro. then I just watched a screen comparison of m2air vs m1 air.
    sorry. but not sorry. this is lame. correct to and compare m2 air to 14 inch pro thanks

  41. Does the pro actually lose to air when it comes to light tasks like using words?