M2 MacBook Air 2022 review – people need to CHILL!!

Is the base model M2 Macbook Air good enough? All that controversy about the M2 Macbook Air throttling, overheating, etc, etc, we forget an important question: who is the base model M2 Macbook Air for?


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  2. Ethan Connor-Hodges

    I'm going to get a M2 acBook Air in Midnight. I have enough for 1 upgrade. Should I upgrade the ram or the SSD?

  3. I got mine a couple weeks ago, it’s my first Mac and it’s better than my gaming pc. The base model is absolutely fine for the majority of tasks.

  4. You review is right on. I have the one step up version just for the bigger hard drive and love it. The battery life is amazing. I am not a power user and just use if for travel to do stuff in the hotel. I like the size since I already carry a laptop for work and my case can get rather heavy.

  5. Lmaooo I chocked at "No S**t"

  6. Thank you for giving the review that a lot of people are looking for. I am a graduate student and looking to upgrade my 2017 MacBook Air. I mostly do research and type essay and sometimes watch videos. I will definitely consider this model!

  7. Just ramp up all the specs and put it on interest free finance. 🤷🏻‍♂️ pay like £80 a month and then in 2 years it’s done. You either keep it or get the latest one.

  8. I've been doing iOS developent on a base M1 MBA since it came out; I'm actually thinking about getting an M2. Most of my peers go for MBPs, but I don't need the ports, I never push the MBA with my development workflows and believe it or not I like, from time to time, to use a the laptop on my laps, and the Air is perfect for that. I can plug it to my Ultrafine 4K for longer seesions. So yes I agree, people need to chill, video editing with Final Cut Pro isn't the only thing people in the world do with Macs.

  9. Crowne Productions

    I own several MacBooks including an m1 Air and an M1 Pro (14 inch). The thing I find funny about the throttling/overheating criticism the M2 Air has been getting is that it's really not much different from the original M1 Air. If you're going to purposely bog down a MacBook Air doing tons of tasks that a Pro should be doing, then of course you're going to get heat and it's going to throttle to cool down and not overheat. What are people expecting? M1 Pro/Max sustained performance from what is a much less expensive ultra book that isn't advertised as a powerhouse? Makes no sense. It seems that everyone was so blown away by the M1's initial performance wow that they now are coming in expecting a MacBook Air to do anything and everything they throw at it combined and then get pissed when it throttles a bit to keep the heat in check. Calm down people. The Air is not for video editing/gaming/intense photoshop etc but guess what it's still capable of handling those tasks. But it certainly isn't built to handle them all day everyday. If you're actually an editor/multi-media person who makes living int he industry (not some college freshman kid who thinks he's a genius producer), then you wouldn't buy an Air anyways for that kind of stuff. You would buy a M1 Pro. Air's are fantastic devices at decent price points and fit 90% of what most people will use them for perfectly well. IF you wanna be a dumbass and try and bog it down, then don't complain when it finally does get bogged down.

  10. M2 is pretty bad . You can give it to me sir.

  11. You can hook these guys up to 2 displays using a StarTech DisplayLink certified hub, those work great!

  12. I am a 1st Year B. Tech CSE student in India. So, I am going to get my first Macbook. I have been a Windows user lately but I am planning to get a Macbook. But I am confused between M1 AIR, M2 AIR and M2 Pro. And which storage will you recommend me 256GB or 512GB? And see I am planning to use it for a long run for a minimum of 4 years. So, looking from productivity perspective which one would you recommend? I would be using it for Coding, Programming, DSA, Machine Learning, etc. Please recommend me the best option. And I checked the M1 Pro 512GB. Apple doesn't sells it anymore in Inida. They have removed it from Apple India website. And the M2 Pro is quite out of my budget. I have a budget of around 1-1.5 lakhs INR.
    So, kindly help me and tell me which one should I get.

  13. So I was considering the air. I mark alot of teaching videos. And basketball highlights. I purchased a m1 14in. Refurbished for 1650 after tax.

    Something in my mind won’t leave me alone thinking I could have been just fine with the air base model or even the 16g and 512. I believe the refurbished 16g 521 air with M1 is 1250.

    What do you think is best. Should I save the 3 or 4 hundred. ?

  14. FINALLY, someone who speaks to the people this base model M2 MacBook Air is meant for!! I am an everyday user coming from a 2015 base model MacBook Air with a 128GB SSD and only 4GB RAM and that one STILL runs great for everyday tasks (web browsing, email, YouTube, Zoom/FaceTime, etc.). I just picked up the new base model M2 Air in Midnight at Costco for $999 as it just went on sale. To me, that is the right price for this MacBook and I am absolutely positive that it will be a huge upgrade over the 2015 and it will easily handle everything I plan to throw at it with my day to day use. Thank you Patrick for speaking to me and others like me who will use their base model M2 MacBook Air for what it is meant to be used for.

  15. Will it be sufficient enough to store all of my photos and videos from my iphone as well as documents and files? I would consider myself a light to medium user. Basically will use this as the family computer. Thinking about upgrading to 512 GB SSD but not sure if I need to or not. Or do I upgrade the memory?

  16. Finally someone has to say it. I'd hate to defend Apple's decisions to limit the base model, but they are sort of justified. The average user (me) rarely transfers 10+GB files hence the slower SSDs are a non issue, heck my external storages aren't even capable of fully utilising thunderbolt.
    Plus, the few (so rare like at most twice a month) times I'm using heavy apps like photo editing, I normally use just one app per time hence the 8GB RAM is a non issue.
    The base model is completely fine for me who mostly uses a computer for word processing and web browsing. Buying the 14 inch would be a complete waste of potential processing power.

  17. Κυριάκος Ακριτίδης

    could you suggest me a laptop with maximum price 1200 euros? I have never use macbook, my uses are movies, files, browsing, office files, so simple things.
    so far, I'm between macbook air and asus zenbook in the same price models.

  18. For lightroom and Photoshop Which one is better? M1 air 16 256 Vs M2 air 8 256

  19. Can I edit 1080p videos in it?

  20. Just get the space grey colour folks it's better

  21. This review was very honest and practical . All the other videos have made apprehensive about ordering one of the base m2 air . This video is made for the average buyer

  22. Robert Silverman

    I just got this and LOVE it. I'm coming from a 2017 Macbook Pro though that aged and I hated typing on that keyboard. The new Air is so enjoyable to use, great typing and battery life. The base model is totally fine for me.

  23. I noticed your keyboard layout was significantly different from mine? Did you get it customized? Because it looks kinda cool tho.

  24. Fantastic analysis! How useless these benchmarks are.

  25. Glad I'm seeing this on my new M2 Air, totally agree.

  26. Perfect clip !

  27. Great review! Question what is your bag 💼 name and the product name of your micro fabric cleaner? Thanks

  28. Great video

  29. The Apple veteran and military site will give you the base model for 10%off $1079, $ 30 less than the exchange on the local army base. SOLD up and running replaced my 2015 air great so far.

  30. Do NOT buy the base model. Most have 20+ browser tabs open, streaming YouTube, plus other things. The base model just doesn’t cut it. The 16GB/512gb model is the only way to go and when you compare pricing you should just then spend the $2k on the new M2 MacBook Pro. Of course people like what you’re saying because it validates the justification in their minds for buying the base model. If you keep your laptops for the long haul then future proof your purchase and buy up. You ALWAYS get what you pay for.

  31. jason van brusselen

    this laptop had my 2d screen going easy as all on my tv and my iPad, dunno what you're complaining about.

  32. Atty. Beato Alessandro Dela Cruz

    best candid review. yeah just chill.

  33. Subscribed 🙋‍♂️

  34. Thank you for this great review!
    I usually run Youtube and Twitch at the same time (sometimes a couple of each) along with some other basic web browser pages (news, sports etc). I also play Football Manager and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Go. I assume this laptop will be fine for that without overheating?
    I currently have a £1,000 HP laptop but am considering returning it as the battery is so poor (3-4 hours with very basic use) and it has a touch screen I don't use. Although it's very nice it's not as sleek or sexy as this M2 Macbook Air (I also love this Midnight Blue colour and it will match my iPhone 13 mini nicely).

  35. "people need to CHILL!!" WELL SINCE MACBOOK M2 AIR CAN'T CHILL SO…..

  36. So basically the MacBook air is trash 🤣

  37. Ильич Гватемала

    Absolutely friendly adequate video, like added!

  38. the best🔥
    i wosh i had one but i can't…

  39. The "No shit" comment one me over hahahaha

  40. Is it good for web developer? please someone answer me

  41. rachana walhekar

    Hi Patrick, I really do love all your videos and thank you for giving your honest review in this MacBook Air M2 video. But I have a question: Shall I get this laptop for coding (python, Machine learning, deep learning) purpose? If no, which other laptop do you recommend. Looking forward for your answer.

  42. Mark Ellis Reviews did not have a good experience with the M2 Air and admitted he made a mistake i his initial review of the laptop. He said he was able to edit 4K video on his base model M1 Air without much of a fuss. When he tried editing the same project on the M2, Final Cut Pro brought the M2 Air to its knees. His conclusion was that there is something wrong with the M2. While Max Tech's videos and titles were clickbait and rather cringy, they did serve a purpose of pointing out that the SSD in the base model M2 is slower than what you can get on the M1 Air and the slow SSD does impact performance. I think an Apple certified refurbished 14" MacBook Pro at $1,709 is the way to go and aside from the updated design and Magsafe, there really is no need to pick up the M2 Air.

  43. Finally. 🎉 I too was fed up with all the base MacBook Air M2 «it’s useless/it’s not worth it/it’s slower» non-users “reviews” (which almost made me reconsider buying this) and was searching for a review talking to the people the MacBook Air, any MacBook Air, is truly aimed at – where video-editing should not be involved – so I’m super glad I found this. Thank you so much for your honest and down-to-earth analysis, MacBook Air users like me really needed this. 👏👍
    My best wishes for a great 2023. 🙂

  44. This is—by far—my favorite review of the M2 Air I've seen (and I've seen a lot). The "no shit" sums up my feelings perfectly. Thanks for telling it like it is. Subscribed!

  45. Would you recommend it for a new upcoming computer engineering student? If not what would be a good laptop for such major(consider a little of gaming too) hahaha…

  46. Balasubramaniam GD

    You nailed it ! sensible and practical all the others were either anti Apple or wanted to create a buzz

  47. damn, this is the first time i watch your video, can your content is so good, u keep it real and realistic, keep up the good work. definitely gonna subs u up..

  48. Very excellent review! However this made me realize this mba m2 is not for me as I am a coder and sure it can do coding very well but I’m also the type who likes to game in their free time and the mba m2 is not good for that plus I don’t like using Mac all that much I’d rather use a regular pc laptop with a dual boot of Linux and Windows and currently thinking of getting an asus rog zephyrus g14 and it’s still quite portable not as the mba but good enough, premium build quality and excellent gaming on the side performance heck even hardcore gaming is able to be done.

  49. People should know that a ryzen 7 6800u is faster and cheaper than a M2.